Chapter 617 - Next Time, You Won’t Have the Chance to Be Free from My Grip

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Chapter 617: Next Time, You Won’t Have the Chance to Be Free from My Grip

Ye Shaoguang smirked sarcastically as he stared at Ji Mianmian lying motionlessly on the ground. She was really a brainless nincompoop.

Saving her was so laborious.

The skinny guy, upon noticing that Ye Shaoguang had yet to make a move, continued to whine and beg for forgiveness.

“Big Brother, this is really my first time… I listened to him. I did whatever he told me to do. Big Brother, I’m begging you, let me go this once. I’ll change and become a better person in the future…”

Ye Shaoguang cut him off, “No need.”

The skinny man looked up in shock. ‘Did he forgive me?’

Ye Shaoguang’s lips were slowly suffused with a blood-red color. His smile was devilishly beautiful and unusually attractive.

He then said, “Pretty soon, you won’t need to continue staying human anymore. Naturally, there isn’t any necessity for you to change for the better.”

Shocked and stunned, the skinny man’s eyes glimmered before he stood up and made a mad dash for it. His reaction was quick and so was his cognitive ability.

Under that circumstance, he was able to piece the exact meaning behind Ye Shaoguang’s words in a short span of time.

Ye Shaoguang’s face remained smiling as he watched the skinny guy dash past the car. He cocked a brow, but he was thoroughly at ease.

He then opened the car door and got off. Those leather shoes of his—bespoke, commissioned from overseas, and fully hand-made—set foot steadily on the somewhat uneven surface of the road. Slowly, he began walking to Ji Mianmian.

She seemed to be mumbling something. Ye Shaoguang snickered, as she was probably talking about her goddess again.

He kicked her, prompting her to grumble. Her petite face was frowning hard and her cheeks were crimson, making her look like she was in pain.

Ye Shaoguang stooped down, stretched his hand, and poked her.

“Stupid girl. Wake up.”

Ji Mianmian scrunched her nose and swung her head—she was inebriated and wholly unconscious.

Ye Shaoguang slapped her face.

“If you don’t wake up, I’ll just leave you here. I don’t care whether you live or die.”

Ji Mianmian remained silent. Ye Shaoguang scoffed and stood up. “I’ve never let a drunkard in my car before.”

Ye Shaoguang turned to leave, but his leg froze after taking one measly step.

Looking down, he saw his left leg being held by Ji Mianmian’s hands.

“Let go,” Ye Shaoguang said.

With her eyes shut, Ji Mianmian’s mouthed something and shouted, “Goddess.”

Ye Shaoguang’s eyes were bloodshot and he said even more coldly, “Let. Go.”

Ji Mianmian held on even tighter. In her unconscious state, her hand continued to latch onto Ye Shaoguang.

He narrowed his eyes. “Ji Mianmian, if you don’t let go, next time… you won’t have that chance again.”

Ji Mianmian pouted and protested. “I don’t want to…”

All of a sudden, Ye Shaoguang burst out laughing.

“Since you’re so willing, I’ll happily fulfill your wish, but in the future, you’ll never have an opportunity to let go again.”

Ye Shaoguang bent over and picked her up. He stepped over the collapsed fatso and kicked the man. The fatso was still groaning initially, but the kick silenced him at once.

Ye Shaoguang opened the car door and stuffed Ji Mianmian inside.

He resumed his place on the driver’s seat and put on his seatbelt.

Subsequently, he started the car, reversed it, and made a turn.

As the car made the cornering, Ji Mianmian’s body slid down from the car seat and landed on Ye Shaoguang’s body.

Maintaining a cold disposition, Ye Shaoguang said, “Don’t bother me when I’m driving.”

Ji Mianmian rubbed on his shoulder for a bit. He shook her off and leaned sideways to prevent her from coming into contact with him. Ji Mianmian’s body then slid down and her head fell on Ye Shaoguang’s lap.

He twitched his lip in disgust, pressed his foot on the accelerator, and continued driving ahead.

It was already deep into the night. There were very few cars on the road as it was two or three in the early morning.

Ye Shaoguang drove slowly. His eyes scanned across both sides of the road as if searching for something.

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