Chapter 619 - I’ll Bite You to Death, You Liar!

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Chapter 619: I’ll Bite You to Death, You Liar!

Ye Shaoguang hung up after he finished saying everything. Instead of leaving, he remained there.

He switched off the car lights, leaned against the door, and took out a cigarette.

A dead body lies beneath his feet, while the car reeked of alcohol due to Ji Mianmian.

Disgusted and irked, he controlled his impulses and refrained from throwing Ji Mianmian out of the car.

Leaning on the car door, he leisurely breathed out puffs of smoke.

Ye Shaoguang was the kind of person who could give himself an honorable justification for killing someone.

He had yet to finish smoking one cigarette when the cops arrived. A few cars were present, all without sirens, and the Criminal Investigation Bureau’s sergeant personally came with his team.

Ye Shaoguang pointed them to the right direction and they rushed in to bust the human trafficking lair.

Two captive girls and a baby were saved.

Although Ye Shaoguang crashed and killed a man, the police believed that his actions were due to his eagerness to save others and considered it as self-defense.

Making a police report was a meritorious deed that significantly aided in their accomplishment; the police thus chose not to pursue the matter with him.

Ye Shaoguang brought Ji Mianmian back to the hotel that he was staying at. After lugging her through the door, he tossed her into the bathtub right away.

Right from the start, he was fed up with Ji Mianmian’s strong alcoholic smell. He turned on the tap and let the cold water slowly submerge Ji Mianmian’s body.

Ye Shaoguang crossed his arms and watched as the water rose gradually. His face was filled with disdain.

‘Are you really that thick-skinned? Not even cold water can wake you up? Your nerves must be really defiant against the natural order of things.’

Once the water slowly began creeping up Ji Mianmian’s face, Ye Shaoguang smiled maliciously. A flash of mischievous excitement appeared in his eyes and he mumbled to himself, ‘I don’t believe…you won’t wake up.’

True enough, it did not take Ji Mianmian long before she began struggling in the cold water.

Water from her splashes landed on Ye Shaoguang’s body, prompting him to step back in disgust.

He watched as Ji Mianmian struggled even more fervently, but due to her drunken state, she was too weak. The mere act of sitting up proved to be a tough task for her and she could not do it.

Ye Shaoguang waited until she stopped struggling before reaching out and pulling her out of the water.

Ji Mianmian began coughing violently after swallowing a lot of water earlier. She opened her eyes eventually, and in her dizzy state, she looked like she had seen a ghost the instant she laid eyes on Ye Shaoguang.

“You… You… satanic man. Why are you here?”

Ye Shaoguang grabbed Ji Mianmian’s collar.

“Who else do you think it would be if it wasn’t me?”

Ji Mianmian began shaking. “I… I… I…”

“You liar. Liar… I’ll bite you to death…”

Ji Mianmian’s mind was filled with thoughts of how Ye Shaoguang was a liar. He agreed to help her goddess, but in fact, he did not do a single thing. He was a liar, a damn liar…

She opened her mouth to bite him, sinking her teeth into the left side of Ye Shaoguang’s face.

Ye Shaoguang felt a stinging pain on his face and let go of Ji Mianmian immediately.

With a loud thud, she fell back into the bathtub, falling flat on her bottom. First, she was stunned, then— just like a kid– she looked at Ye Shaoguang unhappily and began crying.

He stood there palpitating with fear as it was the first time he saw Ji Mianmian cry.

It was only when Ji Mianmian climbed out of the bathtub and hugged him that he snapped back to his senses.

Ye Shaoguang frowned and said, “Ji Mianmian, get your claws off me…”

Ji Mianmian tightened her grip around him and pressed her face on Ye Shaoguan’s waist, soaking the shirt on his body completely. Still giddy, she said, “No. It’s cold…”

Ye Shaoguang regretted bringing a drunkard back with him.

Ji Mianmian had too much to drink, and her clear-headedness she earlier had disappeared once more. She wrapped herself around Ye Shaoguang, clinging onto his body like a koala.

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