Chapter 62 - I Have Sleepless Nights Just Thinking About You

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Chapter 62: I Have Sleepless Nights Just Thinking About You

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At two in the morning, Yan Qingsi, along with Xiao Xu, had been waiting at the underground parking lot for four hours already.

Xiao Xu was yawning constantly because he was too tired, and red streaks were already present in his eyes. “Miss Qingsi, maybe the paparazzi’s information wasn’t correct? Maybe Luo Jinchuan isn’t coming home tonight?”

Sleep was a word that did not seem to exist in Yan Qingsi’s dictionary. There appeared to be zero traces of tiredness in her eyes. She glanced at the time and said, “One more hour. If he doesn’t show up, we’ll go home.”

Luo Jinchuan’s recent movements were bought by Miss Mai from a longtime friend of hers, who worked as an entertainment journalist. That night was a weekend, and Luo Jinchuan would reportedly stay at Xue Zheng’s place during weekends until the wee hours, after which he would come back to his apartment alone.

Yan Qingsi was waiting at his apartment’s underground parking lot at that very time. If he came back, he would have to pass through there.

Half an hour went by when a car came in through the entrance. Yan Qingsi woke Xiao Xu up. “Get ready.”

He shivered and was wide-awake immediately.

Yan Qingsi said, “Remember what I told you. It must be clear, and my face can’t be in the picture.”

“I understand. Don’t worry Miss Qingsi, I joined the photography club back in school.”

Sporting a cap and sunglasses, she opened the door and got down.

Luo Jinchuan switched off the engine and stepped out of the car, but he heard a voice from behind before he could even close the car door. “You came home really late. Where did you go?”

He turned around abruptly and saw Yan Qingsi leaning on the car next to his. Her hair seemed shorter than before. She was dressed in a white, medium-length, A-line one-piece dress. A small black leather jacket, with rivets on the shoulders, completed her look. Her beautiful pair of legs were crossed one over the other—she looked pure, sexy, and had a touch of elegance.

Upon seeing Yan Qingsi, Luo Jinchuan’s unemotive face finally let out an evil-looking smile. Under the contrast provided by his scholarly-looking glasses, he looked both cultured and savage.

He loosened his necktie and walked slowly over to Yan Qingsi. “What’s wrong? You’re finally willing to look for me?”

Luo Jinchuan pressured Director Feng to hand the role over to Xue Zheng because he wanted to force Yan Qingsi into looking for him. Unfortunately for him, a few days went by without a word from her.

His mood was terrible during the past few days, for his mind was preoccupied with the thought that he miscalculated Yan Qingsi’s moves. That night, however, he realized…that he was not at all wide of the mark, because there she was—right in front of him.

Yan Qingsi crossed her arms while she sized up Luo Jinchuan. “I came to see which flirty little slut seduced my sister’s boyfriend away.”

Luo Jinchuan undid the topmost two buttons of his shirt. He looked at Yan Qingsi and realized that his ravaging desire was becoming out of hand.

He walked to her, neither too fast nor too slow, then said, “If you want something, no adversary can ever match up to you.”

Yan Qingsi uttered in disdain. “Oh really? If you’re not an adversary, then why did you take away my role for the movie?”

She put her hand on her hip, lifted her chin, then puffed out her chest. “I wonder, dear sister’s boyfriend, whether you’re actually blind? Is she as beautiful as me? Does she have my body? Or maybe…she’s good in bed?”

Luo Jinchuan stretched his hand over to her waist and in one swift movement, reined her into his embrace. “How about you worry less about whether she’s good in bed? She can be absolutely meaningless if that’s what you want.”

Yan Qingsi tried her best to hold back her disgust and control herself from kicking him in the nuts. She leaned her head close to Luo Jinchuan’s ear and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Oh Luo Jinchuan, do you really want to sleep with your girlfriend’s sister?”

He closed his eyes and breathed in Yan Qingsi’s scent. “Yes, I have sleepless nights just thinking about it.”

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