Chapter 622 - My Man Is Better Than Anyone Else

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Chapter 622: My Man Is Better Than Anyone Else

That one sentence from Yue Tingfeng stated imperatively that Yan Qingsi was the Yue clan’s future lady boss—offending her was tantamount to offending the entire Yue clan, and one better think twice before touching her.

Director Guo’s hand trembled slightly. He originally believed that Yan Qingsi was a woman that Yue Tingfeng blindly fooled around with. However, to the director’s surprise, the woman was so skilled that she could make the Yue family’s young master submit himself to her.

“Miss Yan and Mr. Yue are the perfect couple, meant for each other.”

The corner of Yue Tingfeng’s lips curled in a smile.

“So, I don’t want these things to happen the second time. No one is allowed to treat my woman unjustly, myself included.”

Seeing Yue Tingfeng’s beautifully captivating smile elicited an uncontrollable surge of coldness within Director Guo’s heart—his palms were sweating incessantly.

“Don’t worry, CEO Yue. That definitely won’t happen…”

“Director Guo, as a seasoned professional within the entertainment circle, I’m sure you know that while some things can be said out loud, certain others are best left unsaid. Yan Qingsi’s actions are not for you to criticize. She can be as terrible a person as she wants, but you can’t say anything about it…”

“If I ever find out of any slander toward her coming from you, well, I don’t think I need to tell you anything else. I remember stating my opinion that everything can be settled with money, no big deal. I can do the same for you, Director Guo. I can crush you to death with money. No big deal at all.”

Yan Qingsi had no idea what Yue Tingfeng and Director Guo were talking about, but from afar, she could see the director’s hand shaking like a leaf.

She sipped her orange juice leisurely and felt very much at peace.

If such a thing happened in the past, she would probably be the first to run up to the other person and rip them apart, knowing that no one would help her.

A man was now standing in front of her, telling her…’You don’t need to do anything; all you have to do is stand behind me.’

Yan Qingsi smiled warmly. In the past, she often feared that being too dependent on others would strip her of her ability to survive, but she had come to a point where she could not resist trying out such an addictive feeling.

She then saw Yue Tingfeng standing up and offering her his hand.

Yan Qingsi walked over and placed his hand on Yue Tingfeng’s palm.

She asked, “How was the conversation with Director Guo?”

“I’m very happy.” Yue Tingfeng nodded.

Director Guo did not even have the liberty of wiping off the beads of sweat on his forehead.

He turned to Yan Qingsi and nodded. “Yes, very, very happy.”

Yan Qingsi nodded too. “That’s great.”

She raised her hand and grabbed Yue Tingfeng’s arm, remarking to Director Guo.

“I kept forgetting to formally make an introduction to Director Guo. Today I’m officially telling you that Yue Tingfeng is my boyfriend.”

Yue Tingfeng had a pleased look in his eyes, like a bonfire that burst immediately into bright flames.

Yan Qingsi’s acknowledgment, hearing ‘Yue Tingfeng is my boyfriend’ coming directly from her mouth—why did it felt so good?

He was far happier than when Yan Qingsi acknowledged him to the reporters since Yan Qingsi did not mention him by name on the earlier occasion and no one knew the identity of Yan Qingsi’s boyfriend.

Netizens referred to Yan Qingsi’s boyfriend as ‘Mr. Mosaic[1]’.

He was the most pathetic and miserable boyfriend in all of history.

Yan Qingsi had no intention to flaunt or show her prowess. She simply felt that she could not let everyone from the media know that her boyfriend was Yue Tingfeng.

Within the entertainment circle, however, Yan Qingsi could come clean about who her boyfriend was.

‘I won’t sleep with anyone within the industry and I won’t trade sex for favors simply because I have a man. And my man is better than anyone else.’

[1] 马赛克男 – translated as Mr. Mosaic. Probably about Yan Qingsi’s request to censor his picture.

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