Chapter 623 - You’re Just Going to Leave After Sleeping with Me? Are You Even Human?

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Chapter 623: You’re Just Going to Leave After Sleeping with Me? Are You Even Human?

Director Guo watched as Yan Qingsi held onto Yue Tingfeng’s hand and left. To him, everything was unfair, but he was utterly powerless to do anything about it.

Yue Tingfeng was just as terrible of a person as Yan Qingsi was, so much so that there were similarities in the way they spoke.

Director Guo cursed, “I don’t believe the two of you are going to last…”

Yan Qingsi and Director Guo had agreed to continue work starting that night, but when she returned to her hotel room, she noticed that both her assistants were missing.

She called Ji Mianmian and Lil’ Xu. The former did not pick up and the latter’s line went dead.

Yan Qingsi was getting frustrated. Those two kids would not normally do such a thing, so she was rather worried.

Yue Tingfeng consoled her. “Don’t worry. The receptionist said they went out to have some fun yesterday. They’re probably alright. If there’s still no news from them, we’ll make a police report.”

She enlisted Yue Tingfeng to call them too—one of them dialed Ji Mianmian’s number while the other dialed Lil’ Xu’s.

At two in the afternoon, Ji Mianmian finally woke up. Her drunkenness led her to sleep from the previous night up until noon the next day.

It was hunger that woke her up because of all the vomiting she did the night before. If Ye Shaoguang did not press her scalp and fed her some water, she would have died of dehydration.

Ji Mianmian heard her rumbling stomach before she even lifted her eyelids.

She rubbed her tummy and opened her eyes. “So hungry…”

Before she was able to stretch her body, she heard a cold and crisp voice ringing beside her ear. “If you’re hungry, then get yourself up. Don’t keep clinging to my body.”

Ji Mianmian’s heart skipped a beat. She looked up abruptly and was completely shocked by the beautiful face before her.

“Y-y-you… I-I-I…”

By then, she did not possess the vocabulary to describe the feelings she had at that point. She remembered clearly that she went out to get high with Lil’ Xu, so how did she find herself beside Ye the Devil Man when she woke up?

Ji Mianmian could feel their bodies sticking tightly to each other whilst being completely naked. To be precise, her entire person was stuck to Ye Shaoguang’s body.

She wanted to cry, to shout for her mother, and to scream for her goddess…

It was nevertheless futile for her to call anyone.

The cold gaze emitting from Ye Shaoguang’s dark pupils were capable of freezing her.

She sensed a steady current of evil pulsing through his body.

Her resilient nerves perceived impending danger.

Ji Mianmian carefully retracted her hands and legs. She backed off slowly and giggled awkwardly while looking at Ye Shaoguang.

“Ahhh… s-such a coincidence. I didn’t think I’d see you so early in the morning. Then… I, I… won’t be bothering you okay?”

She jumped off the bed at once and grabbed a piece of clothing without looking whose it was. Putting on Ye Shaoguang’s shirt, she ran out without even wearing any shoes.

Having just opened the door without even stepping out, she heard Ye Shaoguang’s voice targeting her like a soul-reaping arrow.

“Ji Mianmian, if you so much so take one single step out of here… try me! It will not end well. I don’t even know how it’ll end.”

Ji Mianmian was afraid to set her raised foot down. “I… I…”

Ye Shaoguang tore away the blanket slowly and got off the bed. Still naked, he stepped on the soft carpet and ambled his way to her.

He looked at how Ji Mianmian’s smile turned dangerously fiendish. His body was completely exposed, yet nothing was uninviting about it. Instead, there was a kind of beauty that was primal and pure, causing Ji Mianmian to gulp.

Ye Shaoguang walked over leisurely to Ji Mianmian. “What’s wrong? You’re just going to leave after sleeping with me? Ji Mianmian, are you even human?”

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