Chapter 625 - Ji Mianmian, Are You Trying to Go Back on Your Words?

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Chapter 625: Ji Mianmian, Are You Trying to Go Back on Your Words?

Ye Shaoguang’s lips flinched. Haha, she did not take long to admit it.

Ye Shaoguang crossed his arms in front of his chest and said, “Since you’ve admitted that you were a monster, why don’t you tell me how you plan to compensate for it?”

Ji Mianmian scratched her fingers. “I… I… don’t know…”

“How about… if I ever see you, I’ll hide, I swear. I won’t tell anyone about this, I… swear, I’ll keep this a secret. I’ll never tell anyone about this… can you let me off the hook?”

Ji Mianmian regretted it all. She regretted going out with Lil Xu last night — it turned out that instead of having a good night, she was played.

Only God knew how much she wanted death after seeing Ye Shaoguang first thing in the morning. It was not about her own death — she wanted to kill Ye Shaoguang and destroy his body.

But… to think about it, you are already a monster for sleeping with him.

If you destroyed his body as well, would it be… too inhumane of you?

Ji Mianmian felt that she could not do that. Otherwise, she would be thoroughly inhuman.

So it was better to just think about it.

Ye Shaoguang sneered. “Haha, keep quiet about it… did you think that would be enough? What about the harm you’ve caused me? Last night… you were the one who forced yourself on me, did you think that keeping quiet about it would undo the harm you did?”

Ji Mianmian shook her head and pursed her lips. Of course not, of course, it was impossible to undo the harm.

She raped him!

Ye Shaoguang felt victorious. He had been screwed over by Ji Mianmian multiple times before this, and she had always driven him mad. He had always lost his logic whenever he was around her.

Today… he could finally put Ji Mianmian in her place.

He should have done this earlier. This dumb girl was so easy to deceive and yet, he had wasted way too many chances to do this.

Ji Mianmian flinched. “I… I didn’t mean to… I didn’t do it intentionally…”

If she did, she really would not have done this.

Ye Shaoguang looked down at Ji Mianmian and said with a cold face, “Does this mean you’re trying to go back on your words?”

Ji Mianmian waved. “No no no… I, I didn’t… plan… to go back on my words, I just… I just have no guts.”

Ji Mianmian’s mind was blank. It was her first encounter of this sort in her life, who knew what she was supposed to do?

Ji Mianmian missed Yan Qingsi. She wished she could ask her goddess, ‘what should I do?’

But she could not find her goddess, and she could not get out.

The ladyboy Ye Shaoguang was extremely scary at this point. Mommy… goddess, help! I don’t want to die!

Ye Shaoguang looked at Ji Mianmian with half a smile. “If you’re not going back on your words, does that mean you’re going to be responsible?”

“I… I… don’t want to…” Ji Mianmian’s final three words were forced through gritted teeth.

She’s not dumb. What was there to be responsible for?

If she had to be responsible for sleeping with Ladyboy Ye, she would never live another good day again, would she?

She did not want to be associated with Ye Shaoguang at all. She did not want to dig her own grave.

But… right now… since she did such a thing, and she did not know what to do about it.

Ji Mianmian hated herself for being dumb.

She went blank during a moment like this.

“Don’t want…” Ye Shaoguang dragged his words. It was as if his voice was a hook on Ji Mianmian’s heart — she shivered.

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