Chapter 626 - I Just Want to Put on My Pants and Not Take Responsibility

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Chapter 626: I Just Want to Put on My Pants and Not Take Responsibility

Ji Mianmian waved. “No, no, no, not…”

Ye Shaoguang looked down and stared into Ji Mianmian’s eyes. The duo was barely separated by a centimeter. “You don’t want to take responsibility, but you don’t want to go back on your words as well, so what do you want? Ji Mianmian, you do know that there’s no free lunch in this world, don’t you?”

Ji Mianmian bent backward. “I… know…”

“What else do you know…”

Ji Mianmian mumbled, “I know that there’s no free sex in this world as well.”

Ye Shaoguang said sarcastically, “Ha… you got it right after all!”

Ji Mianmian’s lips flinched. “Since it has already happened, then tell me… what to do, since… since…”

“Since what?”

Ji Mianmian clenched her jaw and let it out.

“Since I… I just wanted to put on my pants and not take responsibility anyway,” said Ji Mianmian as if she had nothing else to lose.

Yes, she knew that no man would have sex without anything in return, but she did not want to take responsibility for it.

Ye Shaoguang’s face turned cold. “Good, you have guts. Thus, don’t even think about leaving this place today.”

He did not expect Ji Mianmian to be courageous enough to say those things.

She barely learned anything from being with Yan Qingsi, but if she did, it was Yan Qingsi’s hooliganism.

Ye Shaoguang had a fire burning in him. He forgot that he was supposed to be conning Ji Mianmian.

However, when Ji Mianmian said such things, Ye Shaoguang felt like he was taken advantage of. It was an indescribable level of anger.

Ji Mianmian saw Ye Shaoguang’s face turn cold, and his pretty eyes looked as if they were filled with hawks. She felt as if she was being choked by someone.

Ji Mianmian said, “Don’t, don’t, we can… talk about this. You see, we’re familiar with each other… we can negotiate, can’t we?”

“Since you’ve decided to put on your pants and not take responsibility, what is there to talk about? Let’s just lodge a police report. You’ve already raped me. I have nothing else to lose.”

Ye Shaoguang turned around and looked as if he was about to call the police.

Ji Mianmian stopped breathing for a moment. She reached out towards Ye Shaoguang and hugged him. “Don’t, don’t… Brother, Brother… we should save our reputation, shouldn’t we? We need to preserve our reputation. You shouldn’t… you shouldn’t do this hastily, calm down.”

Ji Mianmian did not dare to let Ye Shaoguang call the police. As a young girl, what would people think about her raping a man? What would happen to her reputation, what would happen to her parents’ reputation? Would they be able to leave the house ever again?

Whenever people saw them, they would say, ‘These are the parents of that rapist, they’re so shameless. They still have the guts to show their face in public.’

Embarrassing, isn’t it? Ji Mianmian thought that if her dad knew about this, he would beat her to death.

Ye Shaoguang scoffed. “I’ve already been taken advantage of how can I calm down?”

Ye Shaoguang and Ji Mianmian were both naked. He could feel the tenderness of Ji Mianmian’s body, and it felt as good as drugs. It had already seeped into him since last night.

He felt so comfortable that he wanted to moan, but he held it in.

Ji Mianmian was about to cry. “Then… then, what do you want? Isn’t it enough that I’ll listen to you?”

There was no better way to solve this. She could only listen to what Ye Shaoguang had to say.

Ji Mianmian knew that there was an 80 percent chance that she had to pay him for damages.

Hmm… that would be better than Ye Shaoguang calling the police, wouldn’t it?

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