Chapter 63 - Yan Qingsi Was Dazzlingly Beautiful but Extremely Lethal

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Chapter 63: Yan Qingsi Was Dazzlingly Beautiful but Extremely Lethal

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The sight of Yan Qingsi’s alluring red lips attracted Luo Jinchuan’s attention. With a quiver of his throat, he closed his eyes, lowered his head, and moved in to kiss her!

She extended her finger and pressed it against his lips, stopping the kiss. “Don’t even think about it. I’m not that easy, you know. I’m…not so reckless. Would you always come up empty-handed if I was?”

Luo Jinchuan chuckled softly. He particularly enjoyed that side of Yan Qingsi.

He never had a place in her heart, to begin with—that was something he knew clearly. She was ruthless, calculative, and could easily choose to treat him as a stranger. Despite all that, he still could not control himself from wanting her.

She was the equivalent of a prey-item that stood barely inches away, but could never be captured and devoured.

Like a poisonous poppy, she was dazzlingly beautiful but extremely lethal.

For many men, women like her were fatal attractions.

The reason for that was scarcity. Throughout the entire course of one’s life, a woman like her was someone that could be encountered only once in a lifetime. Meeting such a woman and failing to get her was a regret that only men could understand!

At that precise moment, she was right in front of Luo Jinchuan, sandwiched between his palms. He was not going to let his chance slip by.

Holding up her chin, he said, “That role will forever be yours if you want.”

Yan Qingsi pursed her lips, asking coldly, “Your words sound nice, but what about that flirty little slut named Xue Zheng?”

Already within his grasp, she stimulated his uncontrollable excitement to sample her. “How can she ever compare to you? She’s not as important of you, of course. I’ll get you into the cast tomorrow if you want.”

‘Xue Zheng was nothing! Not even ten Xue Zhengs could surpass the allure of one Yan Qingsi!

‘It’s just that this woman is far too hard to get a hold of.’

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. “Hehe… Do you take me for a stupid c*nt? When I was out of the country, my female housemate once told me never to trust the words of a man who wants to sleep with you. Men’s words are not even worth a dog’s bark.”

‘Men? Hehe…they’re the most untrustworthy things in the entire world.’

Instead of getting angry, he smiled when he heard what she said. “Tell me then, what do you propose?”

She grabbed his necktie and wrapped it around her hand. “Well, I’ll wait till you actually kick out that little b*tch Xue Zheng and put me into the cast for real. I’m not a three-year-old kid; if I don’t see anything concrete, you and I are done.”

He stroked her waist, and said, “You… I’m not convinced that you’ll come to see me again if you get the role.”

The only thing he could guarantee was that she would toss him aside and never look at him again if he gave her that role.

That was Yan Qingsi’s character—no one occupied a place in her heart, and she only wanted something if it was genuine.

Of course, it was also a good thing that her heart was reserved for no one.

In that way, it would at least signal to him that no one was special and that he would always be on the same level as others. It was simply up to all of them to vie for the poisonous flower and see who can pluck it first.

Yan Qingsi giggled. “You say it as if you know me very well. Whether I’ll come to you or not is up to you. Do you have the charm to get me on my knees right in front of you? To get me to undress and wait for you on top of the bed? Oh, Luo Jinchuan, you can’t be that unconfident, right?”

“It’s not that I’m unconfident. It’s you…who I can’t trust.”

Yan Qingsi’s reddened lips curled up. “Luo Jinchuan, if you want me, you’ll have to show me your sincerity! The only thing that comes out of your mouth when your lips move is you telling me you want to sleep with me. That’s not gonna be easy.”

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