Chapter 64 - Luo Jinchuan, Show Me Your Prowess

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Chapter 64: Luo Jinchuan, Show Me Your Prowess

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Luo Jinchuan did not smile but instead locked his eyes on Yan Qingsi’s. “If I want all that now?”

Did he know of Yan Qingsi’s plan?

The only thing he knew for certain was that he had something she really wanted.

If he gave it to her too easily, she would completely shed all pretense of cordiality with him.

All of a sudden, Yan Qingsi pulled on his shirt. She had a smile on her face, but her eyes looked malicious. “Well, you can try me out. It just so happens that I’d like to see the prowess of my dear sister’s boyfriend.”

Their faces were reflected on each other’s eyes, which seemed to see through each other’s thoughts. Then again, it also appeared as though neither knew for sure what the other was thinking.

His eyes turned dark and dangerous.

He was like a wolf that saved up all its energy to launch itself forward to capture its prey at the last second. At that moment, Yan Qingsi was his prey, one that he drooled for since ages ago.

Luo Jinchuan remarked leisurely, “Well then, make sure you watch closely…”

His mind was set on not letting Yan Qingsi go that night, but at that precise moment, his phone started ringing.

He never intended to pick it up in the first place, but it continued ringing. The sound was particularly ear-piercing due to the silence in the underground parking lot.

Irritated and angry, he took it out from his pocket and saw the caller ID—it was Yan Mingzhu.

Yan Qingsi glanced at it and smiled coldly to herself. If a couple truly did love each other, they would always use some form of a nickname for their other half’s caller ID. Regardless of how sappy or embarrassing it was, they would at least put something other than their significant other’s full name.

By that caller ID alone, it could be deduced that Yan Mingzhu had no place at all in Luo Jinchuan’s heart.

Yan Qingsi released her grip on the necktie. “Tch. That good-old elder sister of mine is checking up on you. Aren’t you gonna pick it up?”

With cold eyes, he let go of Yan Qingsi and picked up the call.

“Hello, Mingzhu.”

“Jinchuan, I can’t sleep. Where are you?”

Yan Qingsi was not too distant from Luo Jinchuan, so she could hear Yan Mingzhu’s coquettish voice clearly.

An annoyed look took over Luo Jinchuan’s face, but his voice still sounded very gentle. “I’ve already slept. Why did you call me so late?”

“I can’t sleep, so I thought of calling you to see if you’ve slept. Jinchuan, you haven’t seen me for a few days now, and I miss you loads.”

“The company’s been busy. I’ll see you two days from now.”

Yan Qingsi giggled. ‘If the first words he says after not contacting her for a few days were ‘I’m busy’ or ‘I don’t have time’, then…hehe…it wouldn’t take a genius to know that he was cheating on her.’

Yan Mingzhu grumbled. “Two days, two days. You’re always saying two days. I don’t care, you have to come see me tomorrow.”

Licking her lips, Yan Qingsi wondered what mischief she could stir up, considering the wonderful opportunity she had.

Simply doing nothing would be a disservice to Yan Mingzhu.

Yan Qingsi stretched her neck and faked a voice, saying sweetly, “Baby…why aren’t you coming in? The water’s going cold. Didn’t you say you wanted to bathe with me?”

Luo Jinchuan turned around immediately and gave Yan Qingsi a cold stare.

She responded by waggling her eyebrows.

‘Let’s see how you’re gonna face this situation.’

Yan Mingzhu shrieked into the phone. “JINCHUAN! Who’s that slut? You’re with another woman? Where are you? WHERE ARE YOU? I’m going to rip that slut apart… TELL ME…”

Luo Jinchuan walked over to Yan Qingsi and replied coldly, “There’s no one. You heard wrongly.”

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