Chapter 654 - I’ll Kill You If You Touch Her

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Chapter 654: I’ll Kill You If You Touch Her

You Xi smirked condescendingly. It was such a pain to get Yan Qingsi over, so there was no way he would just let her go like that. “What if I want to?”

Ye Shaoguang clenched his fist. “Then I’ll…”

A loud bang resonated from above, interrupting Ye Shaoguang’s words.

The two men looked at each other before rushing up.

Midway through, Ye Shaoguang threatened fiercely, “If something happens to Yan Qingsi, I won’t forgive you, You Xi.”

You Xi sniggered. “And you said you weren’t interested in her? Ye Shaoguang, I really didn’t expect that you were that kind of person. If you told me earlier that you were interested in that chick, I might even let you have her for real, but you…”

Ye Shaoguang cut him off. “I’m not interested in her at all, so I have no use for whatever you have prepared. You can play with any other woman except her…”

You Xi then asked a question, “So I can play with her little assistant?”

Ye Shaoguang’s footsteps halted abruptly. “If you dare to lay a finger on her, I’ll— kill you.”

You Xi was no fool. He understood everything in an instant. “Tsk … At the end of the day, it’s because…”

He did not manage to finish his sentence because they were already in front of the bedroom. You Xi pushed open the door and both men squeezed themselves in right away.

The room, however, was empty! There was no one there!

Ye Shaoguang shouted angrily, “Where is she?!”

You Xi became frantic too. He tore the sheets and looked under the bed, but after searching high and low, there was no one there at all. “She was right here…”

A gust of wind blew past the curtains, causing You Xi’s heart to skip a beat. He opened them and saw the windows wide open when previously it was sealed shut.

You Xi cursed, “The window’s open. F*ck. She wouldn’t have jumped off, right?”

He looked down. It was shrubby down there and the darkness made it hard to see anything…

You Xi was panicking. All he wanted was to have some fun with Yan Qingsi. Taking a life was the last thing on his mind.

Suddenly… his neck felt cold and he felt someone using force to press down on his hindbrain. A cold voice then rang from behind, “Is the view good? Do you want me to send you down?”

You Xi’s body froze— half of it was already tipped outside the window. With a knife held to his throat and a hand pressing on the back of his head, a simple push would send him pummeling down the window.

The shocked Ye Shaoguang stared at Yan Qingsi. Her skin was pale and her body was weak. Despite the shakiness of her hand, as she held the knife, she remained steadily calm. Her eyes were filled only with coldness, devoid of even the slightest emotion.

Ye Shaoguang noticed that she was fully clothed and took a deep breath. Thank goodness You Xi did not manage to do anything yet.

That lad… really dug his own grave. Told him that Yan Qingsi should not be provoked.

You Xi got scared. Another gust of wind blew over, sending chills deep into his bone. His entire body felt cold, and within that short moment, a layer of cold sweat formed on his body. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead and onto the shrubs below.

Trepidation set into him and he could feel himself teetering on the edge of life and death. “You… You… Why are you awake?”

The drug given by You Xi to Yan Qingsi could be considered one of the best there was. Its sedative qualities lasted an entire night, but Yan Qingsi surprisingly snapped out of it so fast.

The fruit knife in Yan Qingsi’s hand glided slowly over the skin on You Xi’s neck, drawing some blood from the shallow wound. “I can only have fun with you properly if I’m awake. How am I going to play if I’m unconscious? You must hate it if a woman lies on the bed motionless, like a dead fish. I’m playing along with you, Young Master You. Tell me, how are you going to thank me?”

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