Chapter 655 - I Want Your Life, Will You Let Me Have It?

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Chapter 655: I Want Your Life, Will You Let Me Have It?

In one sentence, You Xi was drenched in cold sweat. The small cut on his neck was not that painful, but the pressure from Yan Qingsi’s aura was much scarier than the knife on his neck.

His body shaking precariously, as though he could fall anytime. You Xi had never faced situations like this before. He grew up being pampered. Who would dare to even wrong him in the slightest?

You Xi felt the murderous aura coming from Yan Qingsi and said, “Put down your knife, we… can talk this out. I can give you whatever you want…”

Yan Qingsi flexed her hand, pushing his head downwards forcefully, “If you move again, I’ll run you through.”

Yan Qingsi’s steel cold voice was almost knife-like, piercing through him.

You Xi’s legs felt weak, unable to move.

He knew Yan Qingsi was telling the truth. She was serious… Ye Shaoguang was right. This woman was… a demoness.

Youxi answered with a trembling voice, “Yan Qingsi… calm yourself down, Yan Qingsi. I know I was wrong to harass you today. We can talk this out… if you want money, property, or even resources in the entertainment industry, I can give them all to you.”

Yan Qingsi smiled, “What if I don’t want them? My man has all these things. However much I want, he will provide. Why would I need any of yours?”

Yan Qingsi maintained her smile and continued, “Compared to these things, I seem to prefer your life you see… will you let me have it, or not?”

Yan Qingsi did not expect You Xi to be the person that kidnapped her. She only met him a few times. Other than embarrassing him slightly the last time, there were no other grudges.

You Xi did not continuously pester her too. Yan Qingsi thought that they would not cross paths again, not knowing that he would fester such thoughts about her.

Ye Shaoguang watched the scene coldly from the side and saw that Yan Qingsi was not endangered. With that, he was finally able to relax.

As for You Xi, he went over the limit this time. Ye Shaoguang did not plan to help him.

Yan Qingsi would not resort to murder, but she would still need to vent her frustrations.

Yan Qingsi felt disgusted when recalling You Xi’s hand touching her body. He did not manage to do anything to her, but even then, she still finds it repulsive. It would seem that… she really could not stand being touched by any other men.

Yan Qingsi squinted her eyes at You Xi. She was really tempted to cut his neck open with the knife.

Ye Shaoguang noticed how Yan Qingsi’s eyes turning red, immediately called out, “Yan Qingsi, calm down…”

Hearing Ye Shaoguang’s voice, You Xi finally remembered him. He struggled while shouting, “Shaoguang, Shaoguang…quick, help me… we’re friends…”

As You Xi struggled, something rolled out from his collar. It was a plain silver necklace. The pendant was shaped like a ginkgo leaf, but with only half of it. Yan Qingsi’s originally murderous face immediately turned to shock. That necklace…

Nobody knew how much shock Yan Qingsi was going through internally at that moment. She suddenly snatched the necklace from You Xi’s neck, “This necklace, I like it. I’ll take this as your apology.”

Yan Qingsi’s was strong. She broke the necklace with brute force, causing a red strangle mark on You Xi’s neck.

You Xi’s expression changed drastically, “No, no… you can’t have this, it’s a family heirloom…”

Before You Xi could finish, Yan Qingsi’s lips suddenly curled upwards into an evil grin. She shoved him, causing Youxi’s body to lose balance, screaming all the way downwards from the second floor.

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