Chapter 657 - You’re Not the One I Fancy

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Chapter 657: You’re Not the One I Fancy

Yan Qingsi gripped the necklace tightly, then placed it in her pocket. “Why did you help me?”

Ye Shaoguang replied, “Just treat it as… my sudden curiosity.”

Yan Qingsi did not immediately leave. Instead, she started rummaging through You Xi’s house trying to find something. Finally, Yan Qingsi found a few group photos on You Xi’s desk. They were photos of You Xi and his parents throughout the years from his childhood till his university graduation.

His parents looked outstanding in the photos. The woman was pretty and charming, while the husband was handsome and refined. They were a matching couple.

Yan Qingsi put down the photos and committed You Xi’s parents’ faces to memory.

Ye Shaoguang understood what Yan Qingsi was up to, but he could not let her stay any longer. “Yan Qingsi, leave quickly. If you don’t, you might not have the time to escape.”

Ye Shaoguang made a promise to Ji Mianmian, and he could not go back on his words. He did not want to have her wait in vain.

Yan Qingsi looked at Ye Shaoguang. His sudden concern for her caused her to be defensive. This guy was very much out of character.

However, Ye Shaoguang was right. She had to leave.

Yan Qingsi agreed and nodded. Ye Shaoguang grabbed her wrist and led her downstairs. “I’ll drive you out first. With your current state, it is not good to be seen entering this place. If news of this leaks out, you’ll be unable to clear your name.”

Yan Qingsi squinted at Ye Shaoguang. “You’re awfully nice to me today. Ye Shaoguang, what are you up to?”

Ye Shaoguang saw Yan Qingsi’s defensive expression and broke into a smile. “Relax, you’re not the one I fancy.”

Truth be told, when Ye Shaoguang looked at Yan Qingsi, he felt like he was looking at himself. They were very similar. They were both dark and evil inside. Facing certain people or situations, the methods they employ were always rather extreme.

That was why, when dealing with people like this, Ye Shaoguang always felt like he saw himself.

However, Ye Shaoguang also knew that being as stubborn as they were, continuing on this path meant that things would never end well.

Yan Qingsi caught an important point in Ye Shaoguang’s words. She asked, “Then who do you fancy?”

Ye Shaoguang smiled. “You will find out when the time comes. I’ve told you that I mean you no harm!”

Both of them exited the building. You Xi’s moans coming from the flowerbed proved that he was still alive. It’s all good as long as he lived. If he really died from the fall, then the repercussions would be difficult to deal with.

Ye Shaoguang rushed her. “Walk faster. Any longer and the guards on night patrol will find him. By then, you won’t be able to leave even if you wanted to.”

Yan Qingsi got into the car, and Ye Shaoguang drove out. The guards remembered Ye Shaoguang’s car, so they let him pass without questioning.

Ye Shaoguang drove onto the main road, then dropped Yan Qingsi off at a spot with more traffic so that she could get a taxi home. He had to return to the mansion. He could not leave You Xi lying there… if something happened, it would be bad.

Ye Shaoguang saw Yan Qingsi flagging down a car. Before she got into the car, he said, “Yan Qingsi, I remind you now. The You family is not to be toyed with. In the future, if you’re planning anything… consider carefully first.”

Yan Qingsi remained silent, paused for a moment, then went into the car.

The car started moving. Outside the window, the passing streetlights flashed across her face, lighting up her face in the car intermittently.

Her hand was still caressing that necklace.

Her initial intent was to simply avenge her mother, but now, things just got more and more complicated, going way beyond her preliminary expectations. It was getting out of control.

You Xi, the You family…

This lead must be investigated.

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