Chapter 658 - Didn’t Get the Girl, Almost Got Himself Killed

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Chapter 658: Didn’t Get the Girl, Almost Got Himself Killed

Ye Shaoguang shook his head. He knew that Yan Qingsi would not give up on that lead. If he was Yan Qingsi, he would not have given it up either.


Ye Shaoguang got into the car. It was none of his business, and he did not want to meddle further.

Ye Shaoguang returned to the mansion. The guards were surprised, but he just told them that he left something behind.

When he arrived at You Xi’s mansion, Ye Shaoguang turned on the flashlight on his phone and found You Xi unable to move in the bushes under the window.

You Xi was in a sorry state. Putting aside how handsome he was, the main issue was that the flowers planted beneath the window were Chinese roses, which were thorny! One can easily imagine You Xi’s condition lying in that rose bush filled with spiky hard thorns.

Ye Shaoguang could not bear to continue looking at him after a glance.

Ye Shaoguang sighed, “Still alive?”

You Xi trembled in pain as he was aching all over. Even the slightest movement stung. Remembering how Ye Shaoguang ignored his pleas for help, You Xi was trembling in anger, “You… you… scram…”

You Xi fell from the second floor’s window. The fall was not too serious as the height was limited. Furthermore, the flowerbed helped to break the fall, softening the impact. Otherwise, he would not have been able to speak.

Ye Shaoguang asked slowly, “You sure you want me to go away instead of calling an ambulance for you?”

“You… bas…tard…” You Xi quivered as he spoke. His mouth was filled with the taste of blood. He was nervous as he had difficulty breathing, fearing that he would die.

Ye Shaoguang knew at that moment, You Xi must hate him to the bones.

However, it did not matter. He did not mind at all. For him, there was little that he cared for.

“Promise me one thing, and I’ll make the phone call immediately.”

You Xi did not speak, nor was he able to. “It’s actually quite simple. Even if you don’t agree with me, you should still do it. You kidnapped Yan Qingsi yourself. You obviously knew what your intentions were. As to how you fell from above, I believe you know how to explain that, even to your parents. You don’t want others to find out about your failed attempted rape of a woman and was later thrown off the building, right?”

Hearing those words, You Xi felt his insides hurting.

Damn, from f*cking a girl… ended up almost killing himself.

To make things worse, he had to keep this a secret.

You Xi understood fully well that this incident must never be exposed. Otherwise, what would happen to his image as Master You?

“I… promise…”

Just as he finished saying that, ambulance sirens could be heard. You Xi looked at Ye Shaoguang in surprise. He called the ambulance service long ago, yet still tried to bullsh*t him for this long. That cunning fox.

The ambulance pulled over, and medical personnel rushed over.

Ye Shaoguang said to You Xi, “Don’t trouble Yan Qingsi anymore. You see… even without me, you could not handle her. Instead, you almost got killed by her hands. You Xi, there are many women in this world. Some of them are untouchable!”

You Xi spat out a mouthful of blood. ‘F*ck, I still can’t accept this.’

You Xi was sent to the hospital. The doctors were at a loss on where to start looking at his injuries.

Although that was not one of the more seriously injured patients under their care, it was difficult to work with. Thorns were all over his body. The removal of the thorns itself took around two to three hours.

Ye Shaoguang went along to the hospital and only left after You Xi’s parents arrived.

Before he left, he overheard their conversation while standing outside the door.

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