Chapter 66 - Yan Qingsi, We’re Fated!

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Chapter 66: Yan Qingsi, We’re Fated!

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Yan Qingsi stood beside the window and watched Xiao Xu drive off.

Dawn was only a few hours away, and while the Yan family was in a state of disarray, she decided to deal with some other things.

She made a phone call.

“It’s me. Let’s meet. Same place.”

After hanging up, she wore the same black tracksuit that she wore previously, then donned a peaked cap and a mask. She subsequently took out a bag and stuffed it into her pocket.

Once she was downstairs, she headed for the neighborhood car shed, where numerous electric vehicles and motorcycles were parked. She took a hairpin from her hair, which she then used to unlock one of the electric-powered motorcycles.

It was only when she pushed it out that she realized something—it was bloody impossible to start an electrical vehicle nowadays without using a key.

She clenched her teeth and rued how troublesome it was not to have her car.

Fortunately, she was near the city center. If luck was on her side, she might come across a taxi operating in the wee hours of the morning.

She walked for ten minutes, but there was no taxi in sight.

When she finally began to despair, her phone rang suddenly. Taking it out from her pocket, she looked and saw that it was Yue Tingfeng.

She smiled bitterly, for she knew his character well. If she did not pick up his call, she could kiss her peaceful night goodbye. She proceeded to hold the phone to her ear, saying, “I’m sleeping. I don’t have time to play with you.”

“Sleeping? More like sleepwalking. You’re taking a stroll on the street in the middle of the night while sleeping…” Yue Tingfeng’s voice was relaxed and somewhat hoarse. It sounded much richer and erotic in the dead of night.

Yan Qingsi was shocked. “How did you…” She barely made it past those three words when a bright light shone from behind her. It all became clear to her, and she turned to look at the oncoming car, snickering. “Even though I’m out on the street so early in the morning, I still manage to bump into you, Mr. Yue. What fate we have. Should I be happy about this? Or should I…curse at you?”

What luck she had to run into the b*stard every single time she wanted to do something evil.

Yue Tingfeng chuckled from within the car. “You seem to be in a good mood.”

He had been lazing around in the Jade Orchid Pavilion until midnight, but his mood never took a turn for the better. Yue Tingfeng decided to go home but on his way back…he discovered a bundle of fun, much to his surprise!

Yan Qingsi—how fated!

She clenched her jaw. ‘Good mood my a*s!’

“It’s quite good actually. So good in fact, that if I’m driving now, I’ll make sure to crash your car.”

“Tsk. Then you’d better be fast, otherwise, you won’t even be able to chase me, let alone crash my car.”

In the darkness of the night, Yan Qingsi gnashed her teeth and narrowed her eyes. She asked, grinning fiendishly, “Oh really? Do you think I’m not fast enough to chase you to the bedroom?”

“Hold up…I’ll have the bed sent right over to you!”

He hung up and the disconnect tone was all she heard. Meanwhile, the car pulled over slowly just ahead of her.

Yan Qingsi frowned. ‘How much more ill-fated could she be to bump into this b*stard!’

The car window lowered to reveal Yue Tingfeng’s magnificent face. “The bed’s already here. How about it? Late nights are the best time to carry out an affair, and perhaps now you can make up for that other night?”

Yue Tingfeng’s eyes were fixed on Yan Qingsi, while his arm was propped over the wound-down car window. At the same time, his index finger was stroking his lower lip gently. It was those dark and enigmatic eyes that were dangerously alluring!

She gave him a cold grin. “I’m so sorry to disappoint you. I just came back from having an affair. I’ve had my fill and I don’t have any appetite left!”

He sized up her attire and asked, “No appetite for an affair? How about an appetite to kill someone, then?”

What a quiet night it was, but in the blink of an eye, the atmosphere appeared fraught with peril. It was tense, like a bow that had been drawn as far back as it could possibly go; the arrow may well be launched at any given time.

She leaned over slowly and placed one hand on the car roof. Placing her lips close to his ear, she whispered in a tender, lover-like voice, “How about I kill you? Would you let me?”



Qingsi bought all kinds of poison online. She’s on the search for one that could kill someone fast and silence them for good!

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