Chapter 662 - My Girlfriend Wants Me Home

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Chapter 662: My Girlfriend Wants Me Home

He never had much patience when it came to women.

Yan Qingsi was the only one that he was patient with, even more so than dealing with his own mother.

To make matters worse, this was someone he could not be bothered with.

Helan Xiuse’s face was drained of colors. What was originally a face flushed from alcohol consumption turned pale in an instant.

She did not expect Yue Tingfeng to… to be so blatant.

She had specifically told him not to expose her to any of her family members, yet right after that, he immediately called her brother. Worse yet… dead drunk? Since when did she drink that much alcohol?

Yue Tingfeng was annoyed. “Your brother is on the way. Just wait for him here.”

As Yue Tingfeng attempted to leave, Helan Xiuse called out to him, “Brother Tingfeng, you… you’re going off already?”

Yue Tingfeng scowled. “What else? You expect me to stay and watch over you?”

Helan Xiuse was speechless. How could this person be so ruthless? She was, at the very least, a young lady, and she was the sister of his good friend too.

Truth be told, Yue Tingfeng was not as ruthless as he could be. He had yet to say, ‘What beauty do you have that’s worth my attention? You’re not even my cup of tea.’

Yue Tingfeng was tactless in romance. The only person that could make him tactful was Yan Qingsi.

Helan Xiuse said, “Brother Tingfeng… our family had been close to each other for generations. This… this place is so unruly. If you leave me alone, if anything were to happen, I…”

Yue Tingfeng, who was ready to leave, started to laugh when he heard those words. “Hmm… so you do know that this place is unruly. Yet you came here drinking with your friends and went on to run around in the corridor after drinking. From my perspective, it would seem that you’re looking for trouble. It’s more likely that you want something to happen instead.”

Yue Tingfeng was by no means polite. Him giving Helan Fangnian a call was already doing her a favor.

As for Helan Xiuse’s safety, that was not something he concerned himself with. Even if something did happen, that was none of his business.

Helan Xiuse’s was shocked. “Brother Tingfeng, you… how could you say that to me. I can almost be considered as your sister. Even if you don’t consider our family ties, I am still your good friend’s sister… you…”

Yue Tingfeng scoffed. “You’re crazy. Go home and take some meds. Don’t disturb me.”

Good friend’s sister? They are not related by blood. What ties was that worth?

Yue Tingfeng pushed Helan Xiuse and returned to his private room.

With her mouth agape, she stomped on the ground. ‘This person… how could he behave like that?’

He should at least accompany her until her brother arrived, right?

The people in the private room asked when they saw Yue Tingfeng return, “Young Master Yue, why such a long phone call?”

Yue Tingfeng did not take a seat, but said, “I’m sorry, it was my girlfriend…”

Someone laughed dubiously. “Checking on you?”

Yue Tingfeng thought back on Yan Qingsi’s tone earlier, then laughed, “Yeah, it was to check on me. I’ll make a move for now. Put tonight’s expenses on my tab. You guys enjoy yourselves.”

At that moment, Yue Tingfeng could not stay any longer. If not for the distance, he would have run towards Yan Qingsi.

“Young Master Yue, don’t be such a mood killer. Women are not that important. Just coax her with some clothes and accessories when you return, and it’ll be fine.”

“No, I’m sorry. My girlfriend wants me to come home earlier. See you all.”

When Yue Tingfeng mentioned ‘girlfriend,’ his face unwittingly displayed a hint of gentleness.

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