Chapter 664 - He’s Too Scary, Too Emotionless

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Chapter 664: He’s Too Scary, Too Emotionless

Yue Tingfeng was not a kid that just stepped into society. His perception was keen, and thoughts unclouded.

Furthermore, with him being by Yan Qingsi’s side for such a long time and getting used to her, how could he not differentiate between acts or facts?

If it was real, Yue Tingfeng would not have been that uncaring even if the person was a stranger to him. He would at least call the police.

However, the goons dragging Helan Xiuse allowed her to scream at the top of her lungs for quite a long time. If a few men really wanted to nab a woman, it would have been over in a few seconds instead of stupidly pestering her for a few minutes without taking her away.

That act was beyond fake. It was very obvious she was waiting for him to rush in and rescue her.

If he could not tell that apart, Yue Tingfeng would definitely consider himself a moron!

All they lacked was words spelled out on their face saying, ‘Come, come quick!’

From the start, he already disliked Helan Xiuse. Now that she tried to pull a fast one on him, it was natural that he would not rush to her aid without thinking.

Yue Tingfeng did not understand why Helan Xiuse wanted to pull off this act, but he could not be bothered. However, he still had to be wary of the Helan family in the future. Who knows what shenanigans they could stir up?

Helan Xiuse’s face turned ashen at his words. She even forgot to cry.

Helan Fangnian realized something was amiss and queried, “What do you mean?”

Yue Tingfeng sat in the car, and his voice projected outwards from within. “What did I mean? Ask your good little sister. She’s not crazy, nor stupid. There’s no need to use such petty tricks to test my intelligence.”

Yue Tingfeng laughed sarcastically. “I have a girlfriend that’s an actress. If I could not see through this level of acting, my Qingsi will discipline me when I get back.”

“Driver, send me home.”

The driver quickly nodded, got in the car, and drove off with haste.

Helan Fangnian balled up his fist and frowned.

“Xiuxiu, tell me now. What’s this all about?”

Helan Xiuse started crying again, bawling loudly and sniffled. “How would… how would I know what happened? My friends relentlessly dragged me here for some drinks. I didn’t dare to drink too much, so I came out to get some fresh air and ran into Brother Tingfeng in the corridor. I wanted to have him send me home, but he ignored me and even said… that I’m crazy, and I should go home and get some meds instead of troubling him.”

Helan Fangnian remained speechless. He lowered his head and looked at Helan Xiuse. She cried pitifully. Her eyeshadow was washed out by her tears, and she looked rather miserable.

Helan Xiuse whimpered, “I’m scared of being alone inside, so I came out. I didn’t expect… didn’t expect to attract the ire of those gangsters. Brother, you saw it for yourself. If not for you, I will… I will be doomed…”

Helan Fangnian sighed as he was speechless.

Helan Xiuse grabbed onto Helan Fangnian’s arms. “Brother, I didn’t expect Brother Tingfeng to be such a person. At the very least, we grew up together. Even if he hated me, I did not think that he chose to do nothing and watched coldly from the side. He’s too scary, too emotionless…”

Helan Fangnian patted Helan Xiuse’s shoulders. “I’ll have a talk with him regarding this incident. Don’t be too upset, but remember, in the future, you are not allowed to come to this kind of place at such late hours.”

Helan Xiuse wiped the tears on her face. “Mm, I understand… brother, you care about me the most. I get it. I won’t be so capricious anymore.”

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