Chapter 669 - How About You Give Me Your Heart?

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Chapter 669: How About You Give Me Your Heart?

“What do you mean by slander? Last night, who was the one complaining about the heat and stripped herself naked? You even stripped off my clothes. Ji Mianmian, not bad. The speed you took off your clothes with your eyes closed was even faster than a blink. I haven’t seen someone as slutty as you are.”

Ji Mianmian could feel the heat rushing up to her head. ‘F*ck! To be accused of being slutty? That’s savage.’

Ji Mianmian shook her head repeatedly. “I didn’t, I can’t remember[1]…”

“No problem. It’s fine as long as I can remember.”

“I… I…” Ji Mianmian wanted to cry, but she could not shed tears.

Ye Shaoguang stared at Ji Mianmian’s lips. “You tell me… how are you going to reimburse me?”

“I… don’t know. I have no money…” She remembered a scene on TV a few days back where the male and female leads had fun for the night after some drinks. In the morning, the female lead just threw a wad of cash at the guy.

She wanted to do that too, but she was poor. She had no money.

Ye Shaoguang’s hands, seemingly addicted to touching her, gently caressed Ji Mianmian’s cheeks. “It’s okay. I want the things that you have…”

Ji Mianmian felt a strange sense of danger and tried to back off, but she had nowhere to go. Her nose was blocked, and with Ye Shaoguang pressing down on her, it made breathing even more difficult.

Ye Shaoguang looked good. His gaze appeared to lure people into damnation.

Ji Mianmian grabbed the sheets and asked meekly, “What do you want? Those I have, I can give you? You… you… don’t have to look at me like that!”

Ye Shaoguang’s touch glided across Ji Mianmian’s collarbone. He found her collarbone to be really beautiful. It did not feel bony at all, but somewhat meaty. They were slightly pronounced, giving off a polished feel to it but soft and supple to the touch.

Ye Shaoguang could not help himself and lowered his head to kiss them.

Ji Mianmian could feel electricity running through her. A numbing sensation started to spread across her body.

As he continued his gentle kisses, her consciousness seemed to fade away slowly.

She could faintly hear Ye Shaoguang’s voice.

“How about giving me your heart?”

“Ah?” Ji Mianmian exclaimed. She felt like she heard something yet forgot what she just heard. The ice pack on her head was no longer there.

Ji Mianmian felt that her temperature was rising again. It was an indescribable feeling as her whole body relaxed. She felt like she was flying, but her limbs were weak.

Ji Mianmian looked at Ye Shaoguang with her mouth agape, her vision losing focus.

“Ji Mianmian…”

Ji Mianmian heard someone calling out her name, which she answered by mumbling.

“I want all of you. Are you willing?”

Ji Mianmian blinked, trying to see Ye Shaoguang’s face clearly. She unwittingly followed his words. “Will… ing…”


Ye Shaoguang lowered her head and kissed Ji Mianmian on the lips. She had a fever, and her lips were scalding. The temperature in her mouth was even higher, as though it could melt a person.

Her temperature triggered Ye Shaoguang’s addiction. He felt that his mind and body was warming up.

Ye Shaoguang hugged Ji Mianmian by her waist, his body pressing down on her. He wanted to swallow her whole.

Unfortunately, every time he wanted to do it for real, someone would crash the scene. There were knocking sounds coming from the door, and it killed off his urges.

Ye Shaoguang gasped, then covered Ji Mianmian with the blanket. “Don’t move.”

He thought it was the doctor he called over earlier. Unexpectedly, when he opened the door, it was Yan Qingsi with a stoic face standing on the other side.


Yan Qingsi: F*ck, I just let my guard down for a moment and was almost undermined. You dare steal my underling? I’ll strangle you to death!

[1] In raw, it was written as ‘I couldn’t help myself’ (我不得己). We think that it might have been a typo as the reply from Ye Shaoguang clearly shows that she was talking about her memory.

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