Chapter 670 - How Did the Assistant That I Was Looking for Ended Up on Your Bed

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Chapter 670: How Did the Assistant That I Was Looking for Ended Up on Your Bed

Ye Shaoguang was completely stunned. ‘What was Yan Qingsi doing here? How did she know that Ji Mianmian was here?’ he thought to himself.

Ye Shaoguang opened his mouth to speak. “What are you doing here?”

The internal demons that ate away at Ye Shaoguang’s heart were akin to a high school couple dating sneakily and the illusion of having their mothers catching them red-handed on the streets as they were holding hands.

This very thought made Ye Shaoguang second guess his own mind. He was wondering if his mind had actually been affected by Ji Mianmian. Since he was capable of… conjuring such thoughts. It was simply too terrifying and uncharacteristic for him.

Ye Shaoguang was no stranger to committing crime. However, he never felt that guilty before.

It was ironic. Ye Shaoguang felt guilty. He actually felt guilty.

Ye Shaoguang felt the need to laugh mockingly at himself since he had no reason to be remorseful, and he could not understand exactly why he felt guilty at all.

Since it was him that helped Yan Qingsi yesterday, he should actually be standing confidently in her presence right at this moment instead!

Yan Qingsi gave Ye Shaoguang a stare as cold as the arctic winds. A menacing subzero aura radiated from her body. She looked stunning in her long black dress. The tassels at the bottom of her dress swayed alongside her movements as it teased her long slender legs. Wearing a pair of black sandals, it certainly made her feet more beautiful than ever.

Yan Qingsi had a menacing aura radiating from her body as she stared deeply into Ye Shaoguang’s soul, seemingly burning a gaping hole through his body.

She never bothered answering Ye Shaoguang’s question. Yan Qingsi simply asked, “Where’s Ji Mianmian?”

Ye Shaoguang knew exactly what Yan Qingsi wanted when she decided to come over. Blocking the entrance, he awkwardly laughed and said, “She’s your assistant, how would I know where she is? Perhaps you came to the wrong place if you’re trying to look for her?”

Ye Shaoguang wanted nothing more than to send Yan Qingsi on her way. He knew better than to piss off Yan Qingsi.

The main worry was… How did Yan Qingsi found out about this place? Where did she learn this information from?

Yan Qingsi laughed mockingly and replied, “Don’t take me for a fool. Your entire body reeks of recent cheating. If you call yourself a man, it would be more dignifying to admit that you dared to sleep with someone.”

“…” Ye Shaoguang was speechless.

Feeling slightly offended, Ye Shaoguang was tempted to snap back at Yan Qingsi. ‘How on Earth did she smelled the cheating scent coming from his body when he did nothing but covered himself with a thick blanket at night?’ thought Ye Shaoguang to himself.

“Yan Qingsi, you’re responsible for your words…”

Without letting Ye Shaoguang finish what he had to say, Yan Qingsi forcefully pushed Ye Shaoguang aside then swiftly squeezed herself into the room through his side.

Ye Shaoguang immediately bolted in front of Yan Qingsi, attempting to stop her from going any further.

Since Ye Shaoguang was staying in the luxurious presidential suite, he had a living room and a separate bedroom. He had to prevent Yan Qingsi from entering the bedroom.

If Yan Qingsi somehow managed to enter the bedroom and seen Ji Mianmian, the outcome for Ye Shaoguang would undoubtedly be catastrophic. In the future, Yan Qingsi would have to avoid him the same way as burglary prevention.

Ye Shaoguang said, “Yan Qingsi, as a lady, you shouldn’t be barging into a man’s room like this. Aren’t you worried that the paparazzi might have taken a picture of you entering a man’s room in broad daylight and talk about how you have been sleeping with other men?”

Yan Qingsi simply laughed sarcastically and said, “You’re right, I am not worried, now move out of my way…”

Naturally, as expected, Ye Shaoguang would not budge. Boldly standing his ground in the face of Yan Qingsi, he said, “The Ji Mianmian that you were looking for is not in my room, she…”

“Sis Qingsi…”

Ji Mianmian’s voice echoed from the room. It was coarse and slightly weak. However, to both Ye Shaoguang and Yan Qingsi, her voice was like a bombshell.

They immediately turned towards the direction of the voice. Ye Shaoguang clutched his forehead. Completely lost for words, he had no idea what he could possibly say in this situation.

Yan Qingsi’s gaze was as sharp as a blade. She said, “Hehehe… Not here!”

“Explain to me exactly how on Earth did my little assistant somehow manifested her physical self out of thin air and ended up lying on your bed?” probed Yan Qingsi.

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