Chapter 671 - My Reward For Saving You Is Her

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Chapter 671: My Reward For Saving You Is Her

As quick thinking and as intelligent Ye Shaoguang was, he was completely speechless when faced with the disgusted, mocking judgemental gaze of a man that had been caught in the act.

The only thing was, anyone would feel uncomfortable since Yan Qingsi had used such a judgemental gaze to look down on him. The only thing missing was, Yan Qingsi had not slapped Ye Shaoguang across the face and called him a b*stard.

Ye Shaoguang looked directly at Ji Mianmian while thinking to himself, ‘Not bad… wrapping yourself in a layer of blankets, at least you’re improving.’

The fever had caused Ji Mianmian’s face to be completely flushed red. She could not even keep her balance as she swayed side to side while she stood; as if she could tip over and fall at any moment. Ji Mianmian kept calling out, “Sis Qingsi.”

Ye Shaoguang was tempted to help Ji Mianmian out a little, however, the gaze from Yan Qingsi’s eyes was just too menacing and absolutely the works of horror. He was worried that if he had gone ahead to help Ji Mianmian out, Yan Qingsi would actually break his arm.

“Don’t just stay quiet, I’m right here listening, so speak!” Yan Qingsi said while giving an interrogating death stare.

Ye Shaoguang let out an anxious chuckle as he replied, “That’s right… how did she end up on my bed?”

Yan Qingsi walked toward Ji Mianmian’s side as she proceeded to gently feel her forehead. It felt hot to the touch. Yan Qingsi’s heart was boiling with insatiable fury as she was tempted to tear Ye Shaoguang apart.

“You’re asking me now? That’s fine, I’ll do you a solid by explaining to you then. There was a man named Ye Shaoguang. He was known to be quite underhanded and extremely scummy as a person. When I was not around, he used that opportunity to lure my assistant. Someone who happens to be so innocent, naive and pure to sleep with him. That… would be the entire breakdown. So, let’s talk about how… should we settle this mess. How should I murder this shameless, scummy b*stard then?” Yan Qingsi replied sarcastically.

The moment Yan Qingsi spoke the final two words of her rant, nothing in this physical world could contain her menacing fury as her boiling anger was instantly unleashed.

The only thing Ye Shaoguang could feel was the shiver that was running down his spine. He assumed that nothing he said could ever convince Yan Qingsi otherwise, as he shoved both his hands out proclaiming his innocence.

Yan Qingsi carried Ji Mianmian into the room for her to lie down on her back. She told her, “Good girl, just stay put at the moment and put on some clothes then we’ll head over to the hospital.”

“The doctor I called will be here any minute now.” Yan Qingsi added.

Before she could finish her sentence, the doctor had arrived. Yan Qingsi proceeded to dress Ji Mianmian up before letting the doctor in.

The doctor left after prescribing some medicine for Ji Mianmian and had injected some paracetamol intravenously into Ji Mianmian.

Yan Qingsi shut the door behind her and turned to face Ye Shaoguang with a smile. She told him, “So, let’s talk about how exactly did you manage to seduce my little assistant and while you’re at it, think about how you would like to die.”

Ye Shaoguang had completely calmed down at this point. He had figured out exactly how he would face Yan Qingsi. He pushed his hands open and said with a smile, “Well… I think you have made a mistake here. It was your innocent, pure and naive assistant that had raped me. If anything, I happen to be the victim here, you may ask her if you don’t believe me.”

Yan Qingsi burst into laughter after hearing his alibi. She said, “Raped you… Ye Shaoguang, do you think I am a fool? My Mianmian is an innocent lady. You had the audacity to prey on her. Ye Shaoguang you animal. What kind of a savage are you?”

Ye Shaoguang rubbed his nose and said, “She told me if she can’t verbally convince me, then she will physically convince me… then, things escalated from there.”

Yan Qingsi felt as if she was choking on her own breath, unable to say whatever she had in her mind. It was her that had given Ji Mianmian that exact statement. Never did she expected Ji Mianmian to actually do it.

“Hahaha… Would you actually believe that statement? Even if she forced herself on you, she had the courage to toy with you. She had tainted herself even if you never consented. You had been preying on her since the very beginning have you? Ye Shaoguang… you certainly are scummy.” Yan Qingsi replied.

Ye Shaoguang nodded and replied, “Yeah, I’ve told you before, the person that I’m preying on is not you.”

Yan Qingsi gritted her teeth and said, “Then that night was all because of…”

“Exactly, why else do you think I’d save you yesterday?” Ye Shaoguang replied.

Ye Shaoguang then proceeded to lift his arm and pointed at the room, as he stared menacingly at Yan Qingsi with his dark, dull eyes. He exclaimed, “My reward for saving you is… her!”

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