Chapter 672 - Without My Permission, You’ll Never Get Her

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Chapter 672: Without My Permission, You’ll Never Get Her

Yan Qingsi mockingly chuckled as she replied, “Who do you think you are assuming that you have the right to have anything you want? So what if you had saved me, I happen to be extremely ungrateful. You want my assistant, my employee; however, you would still need to ask me if I have allowed that exchange beforehand.”

“It’s not important if you have allowed our arrangement or not. As long as she agrees to it, there will not be an issue.” Ye Shaoguang argued.

“Hahaha…” Yan Qingsi cackled for a brief moment, then proceeded to stop. Her entire expression changed to a much serious and menacing look. She exclaimed, “You’ll see if you’d be able to get Ji Mianmian without my permission.”

The centralized air conditioning was set to 26 degrees Celsius. It was not too warm nor was it too cold. The room temperature was just right.

However, it seemed as if the entire room had suddenly turned extremely brisk and somehow had slowly drained all the oxygen from the air around them.

Ye Shaoguang had a slight grin on his face. He noticed the menacing glare on Yan Qings’s eyes were not as cold as before. It was not the same judgemental, provocative stare, it was however akin to a serious standoff kind of stare. Ye Shaoguang felt no fear, no guilt and he was certainly not willing to back down.

“Yan Qingsi, don’t you think you’re being a little too selfish? Have you ever taken Ji Mianmian’s thoughts into account? You’re being extremely disrespectful by making her choices for her!” Ye Shaoguang argued.

“Respect? Ye Shaoguang, you dare to lecture me about respect? It’s as comical as when you told me about how honorable of a good man you were. If I hadn’t given you a single shred of respect right now, I would’ve murdered you already, son of a b*tch. I will obviously ask Ji Mianmian about her wants and needs. However… just tell me, do you think she would actually like you? She’s my assistant, don’t you think I know what she loves?” Yan Qingsi snapped back at him.

How could Yan Qingsi not know who exactly Ji Mianmian was as a person? That naive, immature girl, a pure and untainted child she was. Yan Qingsi had always thought of Ji Mianmian as a child.

To Ji Mianmian, her heart only had enough room for her goddess alone. There was no need for her to include anyone in her life as she already had her own world.

The only feelings Ji Mianmian had for Ye Shaoguang perhaps was… only hate.

Obviously, Yan Qingsi would clarify with Ji Mianmian about her feelings toward Ye Shaoguang when she gets back to her. If Ji Mianmian had truly fallen in love with Ye Shaoguang, she would do her best to talk her out of it. She would do her best to convince Ji Mianmian to see Ye Shaoguang as the man he truly was.

However, if Ji Mianmian had somehow persisted and was in fact completely infatuated by the deep love she had for him, Yan Qingsi presumed she would not stop her in her pursuit of love.

No one who had ever walked the face of this world had the right to stop another soul in their pursuit of love. Yan Qingsi would do her very best in preventing or minimizing the chances of Ji Mianmian getting hurt.

However, Yan Qingsi could never let Ye Shaoguang know about what she thought of this debacle. In addition to her refusal to tell Ye Shaoguang anything, she would attempt to deter Ye Shaoguang by instigating her strong rejection toward him.

Since Ye Shaoguang was never a good person, to begin with.

If Ye Shaoguang had any sliver of an impression of Yan Qingsi’s lack of reaction and that she mind very little of their relationship, Ye Shaoguang would have the guts to act even more poorly than he initially was.

Ye Shaouguang gritted his teeth as he thought to himself, just how much of a crazy, obsessive, brainless fangirl Ji Mianmian was.

Any woman would have all the freedom in the world to pursue anything. Was it not natural for a woman to pursue after good looking guys?

“What you think may not be the truth. This is between me and her alone. There is no need for you to get involved in our business.” Ye Shaoguang said.

“What you’re saying is exactly like a man who had nabbed someone else’s daughter and told the mother-in-law that this love is between the both of them and there is no need for the mother-in-law to get involved in their business.” Yan Qingsi replied.

Her reply had infuriated Ye Shaoguang. The words mother-in-law, mother-in-law… mother-in-law repeatedly echoed in Ye Shaoguang’s head as he felt like he had been choked from the boiling anger building up to his chest.

Yan Qingsi dared to call herself mother-in-law.

Ye Shaoguang took a deep breath to calm himself as he told himself to not stoop low to Yan Qingsi’s level. He needed to stay calm and keep his mind composed.

Ye Shaoguang proceeded to shove his hands open and argued, “Alright. If you are persistent in talking about anything that has to do with you, then it’s completely fine. However… I happen to be someone who doesn’t know a thing about reasoning with you. Since you’ve said it yourself, I am an underhanded, scummy and shameless b*stard. Since that’s the case, why should I listen to what you’ve said.”

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