Chapter 675 - Icy Peach Blossom Eyes

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Chapter 675: Icy Peach Blossom Eyes

Ye Shaoguang’s voice was cold and mechanical. It resembled the emotionless tone a handphone emitted when it ran out of credit.

“You’re going out?”

“Yeah. I’ve some errands to run.”

“Shaoguang has a girlfriend.”

“No, no. I’m just seeing some friends off.”

“In that case, you go see your friends off first. I want to talk to you tonight.”

“All right. Both of you go inside and rest then.”

Ye Shaoguang’s eldest uncle nodded his head. He swept a glance towards the car, then extended a hand towards You Xi’s second uncle, allowing him to enter first.

Yan Qingsi squinted. Ye Shaoguang’s eldest uncle was the head of the Ye family, yet he treated You Xi’s second uncle with such respect. Was the You family truly that eminent?

As she thought about it, that man suddenly looked at the car— the man who never spoke, whose body leaned to one side.

Yan Qingsi subconsciously raised her head. A shiver ran throughout her body as she looked straight into his eyes.

She knew that she was sitting at the back and that she could not be seen from the outside, but Yan Qingsi had the impression that she was completely seen, as though she was standing right in front of him with no barriers between them, allowing him to thoroughly scrutinize her.

You Xi’s uncle had eyes that resembled You Xi’s own—entrancing peach blossom eyes. They were about 75 percent similar to You Xi’s…

However, You Xi’s peach blossom eyes sparkled with gallant, whereas this man’s gorgeous, entrancing eyes were distant and cold. They were like a peach blossom at full bloom that dropped into water, where the water soon froze over…

When you looked into those eyes, you would find them beautiful, but you would also feel that they were cold—impossibly cold.

Yan Qingsi’s hands trembled. The air conditioning in the car had not been turned on, and it was stuffy and hot inside. Now though, Yan Qingsi felt that the temperature in the car was too low.

Fortunately, he did not retain the stare for too long. He quickly wheeled around and entered the hotel.

Ye Shaoguang immediately got into the car after he waited for the older men to go inside. “Key.”

Yan Qingsi gulped. She haphazardly fished the car key out of her bag and shoved it towards Ye Shaoguang.

Ye Shaoguang sensed that something was amiss with Yan Qingsi. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Let’s go.”

“You’re right. We should go.” Ye Shaoguang pulled a face when he thought of those two people.

He was now grateful that Yan Qingsi had whisked Ji Mianmian away in the nick of time.

The situation would turn ugly if they had discovered Ji Mianmian in his room.

Ye Shaoguang started the engine; the car sped forward.

Only when the air conditioning could be felt and when the car gradually went further from the hotel did Yan Qingsi slowly calmed down.

With Ji Mianmian in her arms, she sat at the back.

Yan Qingsi draped a blanket over Ji Mianmian and touched her forehead from time to time.

Ji Mianmian had a strong physical constitution. The fever jab worked quickly on her, its effects evident upon her body.

Yan Qingsi waited for herself to completely calm down before she asked, “Was that your eldest uncle?”

Ye Shaoguang nodded. “Yup.”

“Was he involved in what happened that year?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I said that he was innocent. Honestly, I don’t know how big of a role he had. I can only tell you that your mother’s case has been a taboo among the Ye family all these years. Nobody ever brings it up.”

Yan Qingsi’s hands curled into fists. The image of that necklace flashed before her eyes.

“My mother’s body was collected by the Ye family. Then…then her…” Yan Qingsi wanted to ask who had taken care of her mother’s possession, however, she did not ask.

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