Chapter 676 - Nothing Comes Out of Matchmaking Anyway

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Chapter 676: Nothing Comes Out of Matchmaking Anyway

For one, Ye Shaoguang definitely would not answer her. Secondly… he might not know about it.

Only those involved would have some idea of it. One of them was Yan Songnan, another was Ye Lingzhi…

Yan Songnan was dead. She would only find her answers from Ye Lingzhi.

However, the animosity between her and Ye Lingzhi ran deep. Ye Lingzhi certainly would not tell her anything.

The only way she could blackmail Ye Lingzhi was through Yan Mingzhu.

Yan Qingsi speedily calculated everything in her mind. She felt as though she was swept up in a huge hurricane and could not escape.

Secret after secret, all inexplicably linked together, buried under the passage of time, only to be gradually excavated now.

Yan Qingsi desperately wanted to know what had happened then, but… it was difficult. She could not find a breakthrough, and she could not find anyone who could truly help her.

This situation was dangerous too. She did not want to burden Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng anymore.

If only she could live her days in peace, if only she could get rid of all the weight on her shoulders and be a simple person. Yan Qingsi wanted to live a carefree life with Yue Tingfeng.

Yan Qingsi closed her eyes. She heaved a mental sigh.

No matter how difficult things got, she had to forge on.

She opened her eyes and asked, “That man, You Xi’s second uncle… He…”

Ye Shaoguang bobbed his head. “Yes?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “It’s nothing…”

That man had nothing to do with her. She just felt that the man… was… terrifying. That was all.

“He’s a dangerous man. You should know that you should never cross him,” Ye Shaoguang said.

Yan Qingsi nodded, saying nothing after that.

Ye Shaoguang took Yan Qingsi and Ji Mianmian back to their hotel before hailing a taxi to return to his place.

Back at the hotel, he met his eldest uncle and You Xi’s uncle, You Yi.

“There are two things we need to discuss today,” Uncle Ye said. “Mr. You wants to ask about You Xi’s accident.”

Ye Shaoguang wore a mask of suspicion. “Didn’t he get injured because he accidentally fell from the balcony while he was smoking?”

“Is that so?” You Yi said.

You Yi’s voice was slightly husky. There was a magnetism to his voice; it contained the quality of a cello’s elegant, melodious tone.

Ye Shaoguang nodded his head. “It’s true. I saw him fall. If he did have a target on his back, would the perpetrator have let him live? Besides, he testified to this himself. Uncle You, why don’t you ask him about the truth instead of coming to me?”

You Yi nodded in an obeisant way and said no more.

“The other thing is that we’ll be having dinner with Chairman Jin Shi tonight,” Ye Shaoguang’s uncle said. “You better come. You’ll also get to meet the Jin family’s daughter. You should consider marriage at this age. I’ve met the young mistress from the Jin family. She’s generous and intelligent. She’s a good match for you.”

Ye Shaoguang nodded carelessly. “Sure. I’ll see her…”

A proposal of an arranged marriage came up just when the Ye family was establishing an alliance with the Jin Shi Group.

Ye Shaoguang laughed internally. Meeting her was one thing; agreeing to marry her was another.

Having dinner together… what about it?

Nothing would come out of it anyway.

“Also, you better behave yourself these days,” Ye Shaoguang’s uncle continued after one long breath. “You don’t need me to remind you of what you can and cannot do, do you?”

“I know, uncle,” Ye Shaoguang replied. “I understand.”

“In that case, let’s take our leave, Mr. You.”


Ye Shaoguang’s expression slowly turned frosty as he watched the duo leave. The smirk on his lips did not die out though.

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