Chapter 7 - You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (VII)

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Chapter 7: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (VII)

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Ye Lingzhi 1 poked Yan Mingzhu’s forehead. “Don’t you understand? If we make a move in the detention center, she won’t be the one who’s going to die, we will. Wait until she’s out of the country, then we’ll have means to deal with her.”

Yan Songnan nodded. “Your mother’s right. For the time being, let’s get her out of the country. Once she’s out of the country, no one cares about whether she lives or dies. We have a hundred ways to kill her and make sure neither the Gods nor the ghosts could ever find out.”

Yan Mingzhu turned and looked at Yan Ruke. “Auntie, how’s your situation with Young Master Yue?”

Yan Ruke came back to her senses and answered, “It’s good.”

With a twitch of the lip, Yan Mignzhu remarked, “I think Auntie has the best temper among us all. If it was Jinchuan who was seduced by that horrible woman, I would’ve definitely cried my heart out and I’d be unable to stop myself from killing her.”

Yan Songnan berated her. “Mingzhu, stop talking.”

“Hmph,” Yan Mingzhu grumbled and said nothing further.

The youngest son of the Yan family, Yan Mingxiu, remained quiet throughout their conversation but he soon remarked lazily, “Are we done? I’m going back to my room if we are.”

Ye Lingzhi 1 patted her son’s hair lovingly. “Alright, alright, you can go. Don’t let it interfere with school tomorrow.”

Yan Mingxiu pushed Ye Lingzhi 1 ‘s hand away swiftly and stood up. He then went upstairs.

Yan Ruke felt fidgety when she got back to her room.

That slut, Yan Qingsi, had information that could be used against her elder brother!

Yan Qingsi was like a fishbone stuck in Yan Ruke’s throat. The mere thought of Yan Qingsi’s release was enough to fuel Yan Ruke’s overwhelming hatred. There was nothing she could do to Yan Qingsi but she would not sit around and do nothing about it.

She looked at the time and saw that it was not yet eleven o’clock.

Yan Ruke left the house. Since she was unable to stop Yan Qingsi’s release from jail, she wanted to do something, anything at all, as long as she could paint Yan Qingsi’s in the lowest possible light to Yue Tingfeng.

She went directly to Yue Tingfeng’s place – the Jade Orchid Pavilion.

The Jade Orchid Pavilion was a clubhouse that Yue Tingfeng commissioned according to his fancies. It was not a business venture but rather a place where he could have a good time and be at ease.

Yan Ruke reached the place and noticed the presence of Luo City’s richest young men. Yet, Yue Tingfeng stood out most prominently amongst them all.

Yue Tingfeng was the most eye-catching person regardless of where he was. Compared to the rest of the people, he was like the sun or the moon amongst all those tiny little stars.

Everyone else was having fun with their female companions but Yue Tingfeng was quiet. Two gorgeous ladies were massaging his legs but none dared to utter a single word.

Yan Ruke was mesmerized by him. He was such an exquisite man and she had to have him for herself, no matter what. Yan Qingsi should never be allowed to dip her hands into the cookie jar ever again.

She walked over to him and sat down but he did not seem to have noticed her at all.

Deep in the recesses of her mind, Yan Ruke tried figuring out how she should open her mouth. She asked a few random questions and finally began pouring out all the blame. “Tingfeng, you might not believe it but Yan Qingsi threatened my big brother! She’s the one who committed a crime and yet she wants to drag our family down with her. She’d go so far as to hurt her own father. A woman like her… I’ve never seen anyone who could rival her evilness and ruthlessness… She’s a devil. She’ll use you and your connections today and then backstab you tomorrow. Tingfeng, you have to be careful with her…”

All of a sudden, Yue Tingfeng splashed the glass of wine in his hands onto one of the masseuses. “Move over.”

The girl scrambled off him immediately and Yue Tingfeng got up to leave.

Throughout the whole sequence of events, Yan Ruke was like a clown because Yue Tingfeng did not even bat an eye on her.

Yan Ruke’s face became redder and hotter. Ashamed, she felt like hiding her face because everyone else there stared at her.

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