Chapter 704 - You Like Me, Ye Shaoguang

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Chapter 704: You Like Me, Ye Shaoguang

Ji Mianmian felt uncomfortable under the scrutinizing gaze of Ye Shaoguang. She stopped in her tracks, put down her pizza and cleared her throat. “It’s just for tonight,” she said. “You have to leave once it’s morning.”

Ye Shaoguang only emitted a tsk in response. He kicked Ji Mianmian’s clothing aside and lay down.

Ji Mianmian clenched her fists. The feeling that she could not fight back was beyond frustrating. “Don’t tsk me. If anyone sees you here, I’ll… I’ll never be on your side.”

Ye Shaoguang’s eyes were cool. “As if you’ve ever been on my side.”

Ji Mianmian pinched the bridge of her nose. “Obviously I won’t be on the side of such a wretched man. I aspire to be the model character of youth, contributing to the betterment of society.”

“A model character of youth… Please tidy up your bed first, okay?” Ye Shaoguang pulled out a bra from underneath him as he spoke. It was black and had a practical design devoid of any sex appeal.

Ji Mianmian’s small, round face burned red at the sight. She felt as though she would burst into flames. She immediately lunged toward him.

“B*stard! Give it to me!”

Ye Shaoguang raised his arm, just out of reach for Ji Mianmian. “You misplaced it yourself. Can you blame me for this?”

Ji Mianmian stamped her foot angrily. She wanted to murder Ye Shaoguang at the sight of him holding her bra. After she murdered him, she would dig a grave then bury herself from embarrassment.

“Ye Shaoguang, you shameless b*stard.”

“Of course I’m a shameless b*stard,” Ye Shaoguang chuckled. “You’ve said it yourself that you’ve taken a piece out of the dog. Does a dog know shame?”

Ji Mianmian was so angry that she wanted to kill him. “You, you… give it back…”

Ye Shaoguang held up the bra with two fingers, the corner of his mouth lifted upward. “Tch, you’re not that tall, but the size is full”

“You son of a b*tch! You’re dead!” Ji Mianmian leaped and landed soundly on Ye Shaoguang.

Ye Shaogaung felt as though a boulder had been dropped on him. His chest felt as though it had collapsed, and he coughed twice.

“No wonder you have no charm. Wearing such drab underwear… Tell me, what sort of man would like you?”

Ji Mianmian pulled at his ears. “Hah! I don’t need a man to like me. I’m fine so long as I have my goddess. However… since I have no charm, why do you bother with me so much? You even made me responsible— you barged into my room and took my food. Ye Shaoguang, tell me… what on earth are your intentions?”

Ji Mianmian’s clear, steady gaze locked onto Ye Shaoguang. He panicked, feeling as though all his secrets had been revealed. “I…”

Ji Mianmian’s eyes sparkled. “Oh, I know! You like me, don’t you? You like me… Isn’t that right?”

Ye Shaoguang’s heart skipped a beat. His face began to burn. He never thought that Ji Mianmian would see through his ruse so easily. It seemed like he could not deceive even Ji Mianmian now. He thought had disguised his intentions so well though!

Ye Shaoguang gave a wry laugh in an attempt to cover up his panic. “I… Hah, take a look at yourself. How could I possibly…”

Ji Mianmian suddenly leaped upwards with a violent spring. She snatched her bra away.

Ji Mianmian laughed, her bra finally in her hands. “Give it back, haha… I took it myself, Ye Shaoguang. You’ve always been like this though, so easily distracted.”

Ye Shaoguang heaved a relieved sigh internally. It looked like Ji Mianmian was making things up to distract him.

However, another chill quickly settled over Ye Shaoguang— disappointment. She still did not know. She did not know anything!

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