Chapter 706 - Scars of Love

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Chapter 706: Scars of Love


Xiao Xu nodded. “Yes!”

“Yan Qingsi alone couldn’t possibly finish all of that.”

Xiao Xu smiled dully. “Hehe, there are others.”

“Women,” Ye Shaoguang replied.

“That… err…” Xiao Xu admitted bashfully.

Ye Shaoguang lifted his foot and walked into the elevator, brushing past Xiao Xu as he did, saying, “A man who buys breakfast for a woman, will never amount to much.”

“I was just…”

Xiao Xu could only get those three words out, and the elevator door closed shut.

Xiao Xu was extremely puzzled. Why did Master Ye act as though the entire world was his enemy? Did Xiao Xu offended him? Why was it that when he spoke, it felt as though ten thousand tons of dynamite would come flying at them?

However, Xiao Xu looked at the breakfast in his hands, would a man who buys food for a woman really never amount to much?

That cannot be right, big boss always buys breakfast for Miss Qingsi, and he’s very remarkable.

Xiao Xu shook his head. ‘Forget it. It is not worth it, just send the breakfast to Miss Qingsi and Mianmian first.

Xiao Xu first knocked on Yan Qingsi’s door. He knew that Yue Tingfeng was around, and felt apprehensive knocking on the door. He hoped Miss Qingsi and the boss had a good night. He also hoped that the boss would not bite his head off.

After a while, the door opened, and sure enough, it was Yue Tingfeng.

Xiao Xu did not dare to look at him and quickly handed the food over. “Boss, here’s the breakfast.”

“Hm. Thanks.” Yue Tingfeng said as he took it.

“No problem, no problem, it’s all part of the job…” Xiao Xu could hear that the boss was in a good mood, so he sneaked a look up at Yue Tingfeng. It would have been better if he didn’t for what he saw shocked him.

There were obvious teeth marks on Yue Tingfeng’s face, and the surrounding areas were bruised. The marks looked… mischievous, but more so they looked affectionate.

On his neck, there were scars and marks from the scratching of nails. With one look it was obvious that the night had passed by… eventfully!

D*mn, to be scratched like that, and to still be in a good mood, Miss Qingsi’s training methods were getting more and more effective.

Xiao Xu did not dare to look anymore and quickly said, “Please, you and Miss Qingsi, rest well. I’ll take my leave.”

“Go on… remember to pack everything, we’re leaving at one in the afternoon”

“Alright, please be at ease.”

After closing the door, Yue Tingfeng put the breakfast on the table and saw Yan Qingsi lying on the bed, her raven black hair flowing down. Her hair spread over the pillow, looking like an ink painting.

Yue Tingfeng walked over and sat down, kissing Yan Qingsi on the shoulder. “Wake up, it’s time for breakfast.”

Yan Qingsi kept her eyes shut, saying, “I don’t want breakfast, I want you.”

Yue Tingfeng laughed lowly. “I’m worried you can’t keep up.”

Yan Qingsi huffed through her nose, unwilling to engage with him.

Last night, she said that she would reward him, and she most certainly did. This reward made her back and hips ached which made her unwilling to move.

As dawn broke, Yan Qingsi’s thighs ached. She could not kick Yue Tingfeng off the bed as she wanted to.

Therefore… Yue Tingfeng was happy, especially since it was rare for him to find himself still on the bed when he woke up. This was a breakthrough, and after he went home, he could tell the little old lady, that her son was one step closer to marrying her daughter in law.

Therefore, he was not concerned with being bitten on the face or scratched on the neck. Yue Tingfeng did not think much of it, he told himself that these… were love scars. Some people could not get them even if they wanted them.

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