Chapter 707 - For You, I Want To Change For The Better.

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Chapter 707: For You, I Want To Change For The Better.

In any case, it was good enough that his position seemed to be solidifying day by day. These scars at least proved that he was not a single dog. At least it showed that they enjoyed ‘matrimonial bliss’, let those single dogs go green in envy and hate him.

Yue Tingfeng held Yan Qingsi in his arms. “Our flight is at two-forty in the afternoon today, you should eat something then sleep a bit more.”

Yan Qingsi opened her eyes, and looked at Yue Tingfeng. “Yue Tingfeng, did you plan all of this?”


“Last night you did so much, just to make me feel moved, and be merciful to you?”

Yue Tingfeng looked at her in surprise, replying after a while, “Could you only see it now?”

“A woman like you who is so difficult to handle, if I didn’t think things through thoroughly, how could I gain your affections? Let’s not talk about being kicked out of the bed in the morning, you wouldn’t even give me the chance to crawl into your bed at night.”

Yan Qingsi pinched Yue Tingfeng’s face and shook it. “Explain how you could be so shameless?”

“What a shame…”

“If it wasn’t for you, would I have become like this? I too used to be a… forget it, it’s ancient history. If I were to maintain my aloofness, who knows whose arms you’d be lying in now? At least I can keep an eye on you this way.”

Yue Tingfeng put Yan Qingsi down, and put a toothbrush in her hand, the toothpaste already squeezed onto it.

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. “Do you have such little faith in yourself?”

Yue Tingfeng ran his hand through his hair. “How could that be, I’m not so uncharismatic. I can’t possibly lack faith in myself, I just don’t have faith… in you. As if I don’t know, when your heart is cold it’s like a stone. If it were not for me and my mom working together to take you down, and if I didn’t keep a close eye on you, you’d… tsk…”

Yue Tingfeng knew in his heart the kind of person Yan Qingsi was. But for his methodical pursuit of her, and Mrs. Yue’s support, he’d still be far behind without a hope.

Yan Qingsi would never fall easily for someone, her heart was frosty. Therefore, when she was not in love with anyone, she’d use anyone. Without any care for anything, her heart would always be filled with thoughts of vengeance, and never considerate of other people or things.

However, it was a good thing that he had managed to pull her back.

Yan Qingsi smiled. “You speak as though you are really quite charismatic.”

Yue Tingfeng lifted his jaw. “That…”

While brushing her teeth, Yan Qingsi looked at Yue Tingfeng’s silhouette in the mirror. He was much taller than her, his silhouette could completely conceal her. He had a perfect face, a background that was impeccable, and a warm heart. No matter where he went he glowed, like the main character in a drama, he was so elegant!

Yan Qingsi never told Yue Tingfeng, it’s not that he lacked confidence, it was her, she hated herself.

Yan Qingsi had an inferiority complex. Her experiences since young, that led to a heart full of hatred, and all the bad things she did before, coagulated in her heart. This made her unable to face herself some days, because she knew that she was bad. She was not like those good girls, and she feared the day that she would give up on herself.

Just like how she was talking to Xiao Xu yesterday, they were all people with inferiority complexes. They would never feel like they were enough, and never feel like they were good enough for the person they like.

The only difference between Yan Qingsi and Xiao Xu was that she hid her feelings very well.

She acted well, and turned all her feelings of inferiority into her motivation. In the beginning, she thought of making herself better, for the people she cared about, she would be a better person…

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