Chapter 71 - What Good Are You, Yan Qingsi?

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Chapter 71: What Good Are You, Yan Qingsi?

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Yue Tingfeng turned speechless.

Yan Qingsi yawned and pushed him away. His face was so sullen that it was practically a charcoal-black color. She touched him on the face and said, “I’m sleepy. I’m going to sleep for a while. Don’t disturb me.”

She went into a bedroom as soon as she found one. She kicked her shoes off her feet and collapsed without even taking off her clothes.

The tiring night caused her to fall asleep immediately after her head hit the pillow.

Yue Tingfeng sat in the living room, waiting there all alone for a solid ten minutes.

He was thoroughly exasperated. Just how brave was that woman to say such a thing when she was in his house and within his grasp?

She spent so much time doing all those things, dragging him along to flout the law for nearly the entire night, all so she could get him involved in her mischief? Was all that just to ensure that he would be stripped of the means to threaten her?

Having extirpated the danger posed to her, she would do away with the courtesy toward him.

Indeed, everything she said was exactly the same as in the studio, that is, to play him for a fool.

Yue Tingfeng opened his shirt button-by-button, while a sinister evil began surfacing in his eyes.

She had guts, that Yan Qingsi, but she had forgotten that Yue Tingfeng was not to be messed with.

The only reason she was allowed to be so unrestrained was that he permitted it. If she really did make him unhappy, he would have ample means of putting her in order!

By the time he walked into the bedroom, he had already taken off his clothes.

With skin as white as ivory and pupils as dark as ink, his figure was slender yet handsomely ruthless. His features were chiseled, and his body was as perfect as the engraving of a master sculptor. He could make any woman capitulate to him if that was what he wanted.


No one was looking at him.

Yan Qingsi was laying on the bed with her eyes closed, having entered a state of deep sleep. She would rather sleep an extra minute longer than look at a man, no matter how handsome that man may be.

Feeling as though he was in a one man show, Yue Tingfeng was infuriated to no end. Yan Qingsi, on the other hand, was sleeping like it was the middle of the night.

Yue Tingfeng grabbed her shoulder and flipped her over, stretching his hand to undress her.

His hands were rough, and Yan Qingsi’s black tracksuit was swiftly taken off. She was left with only a sports bra and her underwear.

Her fair-skinned body lay against the grey bed, and when the morning sunlight shone all over her, that beautiful skin looked just like a shining pearl. For men, it was a sight so seductive that no words could describe it.

Yue Tingfeng closed his eyes and leaned toward her…

Before he even came into contact with her, Yan Qingsi mumbled to him sleepily while her eyes were still shut, “Mr. Yue, if you’re that interested in rape, then go ahead.”

Yue Tingfeng halted his movements. He admitted to being someone who did not have a good heart, whose morality and ethics were at the barest of minimums. Rape? Heh, he could care less about whether he was being violent with Yan Qingsi.

However, when he extended his hand, he thought, ‘Is this really something I can’t get from a woman? Do I really need to rape her?’

For Yue Tingfeng, Yan Qingsi’s use of the word ‘rape’ was utterly humiliating to his pride and dignity.

His face became cold and detached after he stopped himself. Barely seconds ago, his lust was still bubbling strongly, but in the blink of an eye, it vanished into thin air. In fact, his self-control was better than most, but when faced with Yan Qingsi, he was more than likely to lose his self-control.

Yue Tingfeng grumbled slowly, “Alright. I’ll let you go today. You owe me another night.”

With her eyes still shut, Yan Qingsi twitched her lip in disdain and flipped her body around. Seemingly unconcerned on whether she was clothed or not, she resumed her deep sleep almost instantly.

Yue Tingfeng’s stare was as cold as ice. He struggled to understand why he was being so patient with this woman.

What good was she?

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