Chapter 710 - I Will Tell You if You Kiss Me

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Chapter 710: I Will Tell You if You Kiss Me

You Xi looked at Yan Qingsi. The hatred in his eyes evoked a chill down her spine.

Yan Qingsi took off her mask and sunglasses. “I’m here,” she said. “What did you want to tell me?”

You Xi’s peach blossom eyes crinkled at the corners. “Tell you what? That I want to sleep with you?”

Rage surged in Ji Mianmian. She pushed up her sleeves. “B*stard!” she snarled. “Say another sentence and I will kill you.”

Yan Qingsi held Ji Mianmian back. “You want to talk about the necklace?” she asked.

Yan Qingsi had the choice to ignore this provocation. Since she was here, she needed to find out the truth about the necklace.

“Kiss me. I’ll tell you if you kiss me,” You Xi goaded.

“You son of a b*tch! Why don’t you take a good hard look at yourself? You’re like an old toad trying to have a piece of a swan. I will cut you to death,” Ji Mianmian exploded. She wanted to rush forward and pummel him, but Yan Qingsi stopped her. “You two go out first,” she said.

You Xi was elated. He was not irritated— finally, he was able to pin Yan Qingsi down.

“Sis, don’t stop me. This is a sc*mbag. Let’s see if he talks after I whack him.”

Yan Qingsi glanced toward Ye Shaoguang. “Take Mianmian out first.”

“Sis, don’t compromise yourself!” Ji Mianmian shouted in panic. “This sc*mbag is nothing but corrupted.”

Ye Shaoguang knew that Yan Qingsi was not one to be crossed. She had already fully prepared herself when she came. She would not be threatened by You Xi.

Honestly, in comparison with Yan Qingsi, You Xi was… too feeble.

Ye Shaoguang dragged Ji Mianmian out. “Don’t you trust your goddess?”

The door closed after them. Yan Qingsi and You Xi were left behind.

Yan Qingsi threw her arms out. “There’s just the two of us now. Talk.”

You Xi narrowed his eyes at Yan Qingsi. The aches all over his body constantly reminded him of what had happened the other day— the embarrassment he had felt. He as the young master of You family could not remember if he had ever felt this enraged before. A woman, an actress dared to treat him this way.

You Xi planned out plenty of things. He would kill this b*tch once he had fully recovered.

You Xi lay there, unable to move. “I told you just now,” he said, “If you kiss me until I’m satisfied, I’ll feel generous enough to tell you.”

Yan Qingsi wore a small smile, as though she was not angry with You Xi’s words at all. She pulled a chair over and sat down.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“You should be prepared to exchange one thing for another. You should be familiar with this, Yan Qingsi, since you work in the entertainment industry.”

You Xi felt titillated looking at Yan Qingsi. He, a man always with a woman by his side, had felt sorely deprived of a female company while hospitalized. He could not take it; it was too much suffering. He assumed Yan Qingsi to be like other actresses, who slept around to obtain the role they wanted.

Yan Qingsi had always been on his mind. He always thought that Yan Qingsi was attractive when she wore makeup, but he never thought that she was even more alluring, bare-faced. Without layers of powder and rouge on her skin, Yan Qingsi radiated a captivating beauty.

This woman was unlike any other You Xi had met before. She was wild and enchanting. Venom seeped from her every pore, and she prickled with thorns all over, but it was because of that that people were tempted to tame her.

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “That’s right. Whatever you said was right. You have to exchange something to get something you want, but…”

Shock rippled throughout You Xi at the sight of Yan Qingsi’s smile. He harbored hatred in his heart because of what happened that night, but there was also fear. He feared Yan Qingsi— because whatever she says goes, she was not afraid of making an enemy of the You family.

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