Chapter 711 - I Will Satisfy You Nicely

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Chapter 711: I Will Satisfy You Nicely

“You forgot though,” You Xi listened to Yan Qingsi purr, “That there’s another way to do this, which is— to grab!”

You Xi’s hands shivered. The pain in his body intensified.

Yan Qingsi pinched her chin and looked at You Xi. “Let me tell you that throughout all these years, anything I want, I will get it. You… I haven’t played that little game you suggested a long time ago. Do you know what you look like in my eyes?

“You’re like a struggling primary school kid. Unluckily for you, You Xi, I have a hundred methods to get rid of you. Furthermore, no one will ever know what I did.”

Yan Qingsi’s voice was soft and cold. She smiled, but it was a frightful smile. It was like… a warm breeze in spring that contained a thousand sharp knives.

Tremors ran throughout You Xi. He forced a smile, attempting to disguise his fear. “Hah… haha. Just try and get rid of me, Yan Qingsi. You’ll never get away with it. Now I’ll tell you that whoever who dares to offend the You family will always run into misfortune.”

Yan Qingsi shrugged, chuckling. “I bet that you don’t know that I’ve already offended plenty of people. Misfortune would befall me even if I didn’t offend the You family anyway, because… I’m probably the worst person you will ever meet.”

Yan Qingsi’s smile was pure evil. Her eyes were bright yet poisonous. The grin she wore upon her red lips resembled the venomous fangs of a snake.

You Xi’s trembling heart grew numb. Damn, why did he feel that this Yan Qingsi was so beautiful?

“However, since you’ve asked me to satisfy you, of course, I’ll satisfy you nicely.” Yan Qingsi stood up and drew the curtains open. She pushed the windows outwards; the heat from outside seeped into the room.

Yan Qingsi stood by the windowsill. “We’re on the seventh floor. Tell me, if I push you down from here, you won’t suffer from just superficial injuries. Am I right?”

You Xi was so petrified that he felt like his soul would leave his body anytime. “Let’s see if you dare, you b*tch. People are everywhere here. If you dare to push me down, there’s no escape for you…”

Yan Qingsi took deliberate steps toward him. You Xi felt an immense weight upon his head.

“Ye Shaoguang should have told you that there is nothing I don’t dare to do in this world,” he heard Yan Qingsi say. “I’ve already dared to push you down that day. How different would today be? Why don’t you give it a try?”

You Xi did not dare to say anymore. Yan Qingsi was… truly daring.

Yan Qingsi violently rammed a hand into You Xi’s chest. A rib broke. He cried out in pain, almost blacking out.

As You Xi cried out in pain, Yan Qingsi continued to speak in a light, quiet tone. “I don’t have to push you. I just need to smack you till you blackout for a bit and open the window so that you rest on the windowsill. The window will be to your right, and two little pushpins are on the back toward your left. Once you open your eyes and stumble backward, you’ll twist around on reflex upon those painful pricks. Your body would automatically twist toward the right. Once you twist yourself then, you’ll fall down yourself. Tell me… Isn’t this a perfect crime?”

Fear and shock were plastered over You Xi’s face. “You… you—”

Yan Qingsi was terrifying. A fox spirit’s nature was mild in comparison to hers.

Yan Qingsi’s smile was beautiful. “I have plenty of other ways to murder someone. Do you want to listen to them?”

“You’re crazy…”

Yan Qingsi patted You Xi’s face. “Oh yes. You better tell everything to this crazy here, otherwise… I’ll satisfy you very, very nicely…”

Rich Man Yan: We agreed on being a ferocious couple together, yet you covertly took a step above me!

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