Chapter 712 - If I Wanted Someone to Suffer, They Will Never Laugh Again

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Chapter 712: If I Wanted Someone to Suffer, They Will Never Laugh Again

“You – Yan Qingsi, you… don’t be so arrogant. This is the You family’s hospital.” You Xi felt like he was being driven madder by Yan Qingsi with every passing second.

He had never met a woman like her before— malicious and arrogant. Yet her arrogance made her hard to hate.

Yan Qingsi smiled, though it looked more like she was baring her teeth rather than smiling. “Just be an obedient primary school kid, Master You,” she said. “It’s no use persisting like this. You’ll just make everything worse. If I want someone to suffer, they’ll definitely never laugh again.”

Yan Qingsi checked the time. “I’ve no time to waste with you. I’ll give you one minute to consider everything. If you don’t want to say anything, fine. I’m too lazy to bother with you anyway. However, I should give you a gift before I leave…”

The anger made You Xi’s tooth, ached. Even if he wanted to fight with Yan Qingsi, he was rendered immobile on the bed. He had to preserve his life. This woman was dangerous.

You Xi shot a glance at Yan Qingsi. “Fine. I’ll tell you everything,” he said. “I’ve been wearing that necklace for as long as I could remember. My parents said that it was important. I have never taken it off for a single day in my life. This is the You family’s possession… You better return it to me. If my family finds out that the necklace is not with me, that it was stolen… Hmph… Do you know how much trouble you’ll be in?”

You Xi did not frighten Yan Qingsi. It was true that no one in Hai city dared to cross the You family.

Otherwise, why had You Xi— arrogant and pompous, who incurred the wrath of plenty of people— been left untouched? It was because of the You family’s power.

You Xi alone was not a significant figure, but he had the entire You family behind him.

Yan Qingsi did not seem to hear the last part of You Xi’s speech. “Wearing that necklace for as long as you could remember…” she mumbled to herself. This meant that the necklace was a different necklace from her mother’s, and it had been around longer than she thought it had.

Yan Qingsi rubbed a thumb over the necklace. “Does anybody else have this style of necklace?” she asked.

You Xi puckered his lips. “Of course not! This may just be an ordinary silver necklace, but have you seen this design before? Can any of those silverware shops produce anything like this?”

“You’re… sure… that you’ve never seen another one like this in your house?” Yan Qingsi asked. “It’s obvious that the charm here is only half. So… where’s the other half?”

Even if You Xi did not have any brains, he could still detect an underlying problem.

“Yan Qingsi, what are you trying to ask about?”

Yan Qingsi held onto the necklace in silence. “Lend me this necklace for a while,” she said after a few moments. “I’ll return it to you after a few days.”

“You’ve seen this necklace before, haven’t you?” You Xi said. “You’ve seen it somewhere else before. Yan Qingsi… who are you?”

For once, You Xi was serious, looking at Yan Qingsi with solemn intensity.

He had asked his parents if the necklace had another half as well since this one looked like half of a whole. However, they had never given him a proper answer, so You Xi had assumed that this necklace was one of a kind.

Now though, it was evident that Yan Qingsi had seen it before. Furthermore, she probably had a strong attachment to the other half of the necklace.

If Yan Qingsi had truly seen the other half of the necklace in her hand, then… how was she connected to him?

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