Chapter 713 - He Has Not Hooked Up with Her Yet

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Chapter 713: He Has Not Hooked Up with Her Yet

No way. The plotlines of a multitude of evening soap operas ran through You Xi’s head. Siblings?

You Xi shivered. All the animosity he harbored towards Yan Qingsi disappeared. No, they could not be siblings. He had not hooked up with her yet.

She rubbed the pendant on the necklace. “I’ve never seen it before,” she said, her tone heavy.

Until she had a clear understanding of the situation, she would not say anything unnecessary.

“Yan Qingsi… You…”

“Aunty… You’re here.” Ye Shaoguang’s voice suddenly rang out from outside. He purposely raised his voice so that the occupants of the room could hear him.

You Xi’s expression changed. “My mom’s here.”

Yan Qingsi surveyed her surroundings. There was no way she was getting out. She immediately ducked into the bathroom.

Outside, Ye Shaoguang stood in front of Mrs. You.

“Shaoguang, you’re here. Why don’t you go in?”

Mrs. You possessed a calming demeanor, but anyone who saw her would immediately peg her as “serene”. This also made people feel that they could not get close to her. Her face was not young, but there was an unknown quality in it that made people easily forget her age— crow lines were carved into her face, but at first glance, people only noticed her countenance, not her appearance.

Ye Shaoguang was polite before Mrs. You. “I was with You Xi. Both of us… had a small argument. I’m waiting for his temper to blow over before going back in.”

Ji Mianmian stood beside Ye Shaoguang; she looked at him anxiously. She realized that Ye Shaoguang felt no guilt whenever he lied, so much so that he appeared sincere. ‘His mastery over the art of lying is incredible’, she thought silently.

Mrs. You gave a small smile. “I have no idea what to do with him. If not for you, he’d probably be paralyzed. How is he still so reckless even at his age? Come in with me. You’re the only sane friend he has among all the deviants he mixes with. I’d be worried for him if he frustrates you into walking away.”

Ji Mianmian covertly tugged on Ye Shaoguang. Her goddess was still inside.

Ye Shaoguang did not move. “Mrs. You… why don’t you go in first?” he said. “See if he has calmed down.”

“I see… Sure.” Mrs. You pushed the door open and entered the ward. She saw that the window was open. “Why are the windows open while the air-con is on?” she scolded. “What’s the use then?”

You Xi’s eyes darted toward the bathroom. “Oh, I felt a little cold. That’s why I asked someone to help me open the windows.”

“What did you argue over with Shaoguang? You’re lucky that he saved you!”

“I… whatever is between me and him is none of your business.” You Xi had never hidden anything from his mother. He hesitated, then continued, “Mom, is there another half to my necklace?”

Mrs. You’s hand froze. “Why… are you suddenly asking?”

“I’m just asking. The maidenhair tree leaf pendant isn’t complete, so I thought that there would be another half.”

“There’s none. The necklace that you have is the only one of its kind.”


“Let Shaoguang in. You two are friends. You shouldn’t be like this.”

You Xi glanced at Ye Shaoguang, who stood near the door. “Mom, my leg hurts,” he said. “Can you help me call a doctor…”

“Of course!” Mrs. You presumed that You Xi did not want her to listen to whatever he wanted to discuss with Ye Shaoguang. “You better talk it out.”

Yan Qingsi emerged from the bathroom immediately after Mrs. You left.

Ye Shaoguang shoved a key toward Yan Qingsi. “You two go into the car first. Wait for me.”

“Here’s your necklace.” Yan Qingsi flung the necklace towards You Xi.

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