Chapter 714 - You Will Never Find What You Have Lost

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Chapter 714: You Will Never Find What You Have Lost

You Xi was surprised. “Didn’t you say that you’re borrowing it for two days…”

“I don’t need it anymore. Mianmian, let’s go.”

Ji Mianmian followed after her. The two left hurriedly.

You Xi gave Ye Shaoguang a sardonic look. “You say that you have no feelings for Yan Qingsi. I think you’re head over heels for her.”

Ye Shaoguang did not say anything. He might as well allowed him to misunderstand that the one he liked was Yan Qingsi, instead of revealing that he only cared for Ji Mianmian. This way… he could protect that idiot.

Yan Qingsi wore her mask. They descended to the first floor using the elevator. Just as she put on the sunglasses Ji Mianmian passed to her, You Xi’s second uncle entered, coincidentally… walking past Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi did not spare him a side-glance. She strode outside.

You Xi’s second uncle paused after a few steps.

“Miss, hold on for a bit.”

Yan Qingsi panicked for a moment at the sound of the voice behind her. She paused as well. “Yes?” she asked.

She turned around, locking onto the eyes of You Xi’s second uncle, the peach blossom eyes that were almost a carbon copy of You Xi’s, eyes that were full of nothing but ice.

He frowned as he studied Yan Qingsi. “You…”

“I don’t know you, sir. I don’t think you know me either. I’m in a hurry. Goodbye.”

You Yi suddenly whipped out a hand and snatched Yan Qingsi’s sunglasses off. He finally saw Yan Qingsi’s eyes, and surprise overcame him. “Your eyes…” he said.

Ji Mianmian instantly stepped in front of Yan Qingsi. “Oi, are you crazy? You dare raise a hand against a woman in broad daylight. What a sc*mbag.”

“Don’t bother with him. Let’s go,” she told Ji Mianmian. Anxiety seized Yan Qingsi’s heart. She swept a look across the face of You Xi’s second uncle.

“You stay there.” You Yi extended an arm and tried to latch onto Yan Qingsi. Ji Mianmian blocked him. Without hesitation, she caught You Yi by the arm forcefully. Ji Mianmian barely registered what happened next. He had already extricated himself, pushing Ji Mianmian away.

Ji Mianmian was stunned. This uncle was incredible!

You Yi stopped Yan Qingsi. “Who are you?”

Yan Qingsi was suspicious. “Why do you care?”

“Your… your eyes. Let me see your face.” You Yi’s expression was icy cold. His frosty eyes could probably douse a fire.

Yan Qingsi felt wary. How could he… be so persistent? Who did he think she resembled?

Ji Mianmian made herself a barricade in front of Yan Qingsi again. “Sis, it’s almost noon. We need to move.”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. Yet she continued, “Sir, I think you’re pretty well-off. Don’t do things that degrade yourself.”

She moved to leave. You Xi’s second uncle reached out again. Ji Mianmian threw her arms out to defend her. She had not been practicing Judo lately, but fortunately, she still had the strength to block him.

Yan Qingsi emitted a wry laugh. “Sir, do you feel that my eyes resemble someone else’s? A woman? A woman you like? Did you lose her? Too bad…

“You’ve already lost her though. There’s no point in getting her back now. Even if my eyes look like hers, I’m not the woman you’re looking for.”

Yan Qingsi’s direct words pierced You Yi. When he finally recollected his senses, Yan Qingsi had already dragged Ji Mianmian away.

You Yi’s expression was stony as he walked into the ward. He entered the elevator with two nurses.

Those two nurses were talking excitedly over the handphone.

“The trailer for ‘Requiem’ has been released, the web drama Yan Qingsi is starring in it. It’s… so cool. How can a girl be so attractive?”

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