Chapter 716 - Ji Mianmian, Can You Like Me?

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Chapter 716: Ji Mianmian, Can You Like Me?

“Then what did you do?”

“I did something bad.”

“Do you need any help?”

Yue Tingfeng paused for a bit. “You… Of course, I need help. You help me with the accounts. We are a conglomerate. There’s always a need for a queen to take care of the finances, her husband and the husband’s mother.”

The dark cloud over Yan Qingsi lifted at Yue Tingfeng’s words.

Yan Qingsi did not ask what Yue Tingfeng had done. He did not elaborate either.

Two weeks after they left Hai city, a scandal splashed the headlines. The young master of the You family and a young model were having sex in a car in broad daylight. Perhaps the two had been in such a euphoric state that they had accidentally turned the engine on. The car crashed into the railing by the side of the road and got stuck there.

Passersby immediately lodged a police report and called for the firefighters.

When the firefighters rescued them, the two were completely naked. Plenty of people saw and took pictures of them. The uploads on Weibo became a hot topic.

The You family spent a ludicrous sum of money before the scandal died down, but… it did not change the fact that it was out. You Xi’s reputation was ruined by this.

The point was that he had just been discharged from the hospital, and now he was admitted again. Rumors said that his erection had been affected— to what stage, nobody knew.

All this was an afterword, of course.

Yan Qingsi, meanwhile, did not know anything about this.

They had some food downstairs and were supposed to leave for the hotel, but Ji Mianmian still had not returned. Yan Qingsi was worried. She did not have the gall to tell Xiao Xu and Yue Tingfeng though.

At this moment, Ji Mianmian was staring at Ye Shaoguang with utter shock on her face.

“Ji Mianmian, I will only say this once,” he said. “Can you like me?”

Ji Mianmian recollected her senses after a while. “Don’t kid with me. Why should I like you?”

Ye Shaoguang gritted his teeth. “Because I…”

I like you too.

Ye Shaoguang could not complete the sentence. He had never told anyone that he liked them before. He had never imagined that he would say it one day either.

I like you. These three words are so simple if they were separated, but linked together and they refused to be spoken aloud.

Ye Shaoguang, a proud man, found it hard to say this.

This was because he knew that he would not be reciprocated. He was aware that this simple, idiotic girl was so naïve that she was cruel.

She would not harbor any ill intent toward those that she did not like or did not care about, but she would not spare a moment’s thought on you either.

Ye Shaoguang had been playing around at first, merely wanting to fool this idiot, but… there was a saying that goes ‘clever people may be victims of their own cleverness’ and he fit right into it.

He had thought of himself as the cat who caught the rat. He thought that he could toy around with the idiotic little rat.

He had never thought that he would be the one who was being led by the nose.

When he realized that he had strayed from his purpose, he could not contain his feelings anymore.

Meanwhile, not a single muscle twitched on this idiot’s face. She would determinedly protect what she liked, she would sincerely keep to her principles, and he was still nothing in her eyes.

Ye Shaoguang could not help but laugh at himself. He was still nothing…

Ji Mianmian grew anxious when Ye Shaoguang trailed off. “Because of what? You’re not a good person, you’re not my goddess, you’re not a tasty food neither. Why would I like you? Don’t disturb me. I’m busy. It’s almost 15 minutes. Let me go down now. If not, I’ll beat you up. I’ll really beat you.”

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