Chapter 717 - I will Kill Whoever Who Dares to Marry You

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Chapter 717: I will Kill Whoever Who Dares to Marry You

Ye Shaoguang could not even laugh at himself. Ji Mianmian’s innocent eyes reflected his silhouette, yet he could not find any sign of his existence.

The most tragic thing to happen on earth was probably this, where you wanted her to know that you liked her, but she never cast so much of a second glance toward you.

Everything you had done was useless, like the staging of a solo play.

He had slaved and given his all in performing in his debut role. She saw everything, she could see everything the world had to offer— except him.

“Ji Mianmian, have you ever loved somebody?” Ye Shaoguang asked.


“Yes. Loving someone.”

Ji Mianmian gave the question some serious thought. “I guess I do. Plenty too. I loved my kindergarten principal, I loved my tablemate in primary school, I loved my practice partner in junior high, I only loved the canteen aunties in senior high… Now, I only love my goddess. Of course, I love my parents as well.”

The kindergarten principal had frequently distributed candies among the students. The primary school tablemate had a mother who cooked well, and everything that she brought was delicious. The practice partner in junior high had plenty of chocolates that she could eat. These were the people who Ji Mianmian had “loved”.

The corner of Ye Shaoguang’s mouth twitched. He was so earnest, so solemn. His heart twisted and ached.

However… Ji Mianmian would never compute along the same channel as he did.

Ye Shaoguang did not know how to enter Ji Mianmian’s channel, and he did not know how to pull her into his.

“Just pretend that I didn’t ask anything before. Now, I’m going to say something very serious. Ji Mianmian, you’re a nice girl. You don’t have a boyfriend, and I don’t have a girlfriend. You’ve slept with me… Why don’t you try, try and see… if you can be with me.”

Ji Mianmian gaped at Ye Shaoguang after he finished talking, her eyes staring at him in disbelief.

“You – You—”

Ji Mianmian gulped. “I understand now, Ye Shaoguang,” she said. “You proposed this because you also think that you’re rotten. Just in case you cannot marry in the future, you’re asking me to adopt you first.”

Ye Shaoguang closed his eyes. He would probably die in Ji Mianmian’s hand very soon.

He had already brought the topic this far, yet her peculiar way of thinking said otherwise.

She had iron walls built around her world, and no one was given the opportunity to penetrate it.

“I think it’s reasonable that you say that, but… just because you can’t find a wife doesn’t mean that I can’t find a husband too,” she mumbled to herself. “I can’t kill myself just to save you. I refuse to go along with what you said.”

Ever since Yan Qingsi had educated Ji Mianmian, there was always a backdoor in her mind.

However, this was not good news for Ye Shaoguang.

This was because she sidelined all men from life for the “future husband” that she did not even know who would be.

Ye Shaoguang emitted a low chuckle. “Ji Mianmian, you won’t find a husband…”

Ji Mianmian grew angry. “You – you’re too much! You’re looking down on me? Why can’t I find a husband? I’m not ugly. Don’t you dare look down on others. I’ll find a rich, handsome man in the future just to show you.

“It’s not that you’re ugly, I…” Ye Shaoguang caressed Ji Mianmian’s face and continued, “I won’t let you find one. I’ll – I’ll kill whoever who dares to marry you.”

Ji Mianmian: Christ, that shameless b*stard. He’s crazy. You take that sc*mbag away already.

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