Chapter 718 - Why Should You Not Love Me When I Like You

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Chapter 718: Why Should You Not Love Me When I Like You

Incredulity was plastered all over Ji Mianmian’s face. Her eyes popping out of her head. “Are you insane? You pervert!” she cried in shock. “I’m telling you, if you dare mess with my future husband, I’ll kill you right here and now. You’re really a perverted sicko, and now you want to kill my future husband. Why don’t you just die?”

Ji Mianmian was so angry that she was practically steaming. She disliked this b*stard more by the minute.

She had thought that she would be a little kinder to him after he had helped her goddess today, never did she think that he would be this shameless!

Ye Shaoguang gnashed his teeth so hard that they seemed to almost shatter. “Ji Mianmian… why don’t you understand anything?”

“Hah! What do I need to know?” Ji Mianmian shoved Ye Shaoguang. “Go away. I want to get down. Don’t make me miss my flight, and don’t come and find me anymore. I don’t want anything to do with you. You and your fake girlfriend games…”

Ye Shaoguang grabbed Ji Mianmian’s chin and ducked his head, closing his lips over hers. He hated listening to her because whatever she said would definitely not be a confession for him. Every word of hers was a nail, nailed into his heart.

Ji Mianmian’s head was a garbled mess. B*stard, sc*mbag. Now he dared to kiss her! He thought that she was such an easygoing person?

Ji Mianmian shoved at Ye Shaoguang with all her might until he toppled off her. He landed on the handbrake; it stabbed into his waist. Ye Shaoguang’s face blanched from the pain.

Ji Mianmian wiped her mouth ferociously. She snorted. “Ye Shaoguang, I didn’t want to beat you up, but you’re such a disappointment. Don’t let me see your face again. If I do, I’ll punch you.”

Ji Mianmian opened the door to get down when she suddenly heard Ye Shaoguang behind her. “Ji Mianmian, do you have any regrets in life?”

Ji Mianmian shook her head. “No. I don’t have any regrets. I’ve never regretted anything I’ve ever done.”

A person with a simple life and a simple brain found it easier to lead fulfilling lives, and a fulfilled person usually does not have remorse plaguing them. Without remorse, there was no regret. This was a cause and effect relationship.

Ye Shaoguang laughed. “I do though. I have regrets…”

‘I regret having feelings for you. I regret not cutting off any budding feelings for you in the beginning. I regret not forgetting about you earlier.’

He felt like a hunter who had dug a trap for his prey, only to fall into it himself.

Ye Shaoguang wanted to have no regrets, but it was hopeless now. It was like a spark that blossomed into a wildfire, and by then it was too late to put it out.

Ji Mianmian shook her head in bafflement. “What does your regrets have anything to do with me? What a joke…”

Ji Mianmian hopped down from the car and slammed the door close. She wheeled around and walked, not giving a glance backward. Her silhouette weaved through the stream of cars, then it got to the other side, then it disappeared.

Ye Shaoguang laughed. His last shot, but Ji Mianmian refused to give him a chance.

Ji Mianmian, how can I tell you that I like you?

How can I make you see me, like me?

I can plan a thousand plans, I can throw away my families so easily, and I can destroy all my enemies.

Yet you have taken my heart.

Ji Mianmian, I love you. Why don’t you love me?

Ji Mianmian: I still like my goddess. How do you not like her then?

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