Chapter 72 - She Would Bite the Other Person

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Chapter 72: She Would Bite the Other Person

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Was she beautiful?

He had met prettier women before, surely?

A good temper?

Nonsense! Before her, he never knew that a woman’s temper could be that bad.


Bullsh*t! Never in his life did he see anyone more toxic and dangerous!

Despite all those qualities, why was it that she could entice him into doing all sorts of unlawful things? To think that he helped her murder someone!

Yue Tingfeng stared intently at Yan Qingsi. Other people would let their guard down when sleeping, thus making them look less hate-worthy.

She was different— her hands formed a fist even when she was sleeping. At the same time, her brows were furrowed, her lips were pursed, and her expression had a sort of barrier that shielded her from the outside world.

It was as if she would open her mouth and bite down on anyone who came close to her.

Yue Tingfeng stared at her for half an hour. His calm face became more and more enraged. He stood up suddenly, took his phone, then left the room.

He dialed a number. “Hey, it’s me. Delete all of last night’s footage from every single one of the hospital’s surveillance cameras.”

The other side asked a simple, “WHY?!”

Yue Tingfeng’s lips turned into a cold smile. “Why, you ask? It’s my hospital, and I want the footage erased. You think you have a say in this?”

Having hung up, he was still unable to quell the wrath burning inside him. He tossed the phone out, turned around, then entered the bedroom.

He grabbed Yan Qingsi’s bare ankles. “Get out. This is my room.”

Roused from her sleep for the second time, Yan Qingsi mumbled, “Don’t disturb me…”

Yue Tingfeng clenched his jaw. “This is my bed!”

Yan Qingsi did a couple of kicks with her leg. “I’ve already slept with you. This is just a bed anyway.”

Yue Tingfeng was speechless.

The next moment, he laid down on the bed, occupying a large part of it and taking the entire blanket for himself.

He originally thought that Yan Qingsi would leave the room willingly once she felt cold. Eventually, she curled into a ball and continued sleeping, notwithstanding her near-nakedness and proximity to the bed edge. It seemed as though such poor conditions had no effect on her.

She was much unlike most other people, who would unconsciously search for a warmer spot—she simply curled herself there without moving.

Yue Tingfeng sighed. His efforts were in vain, and he was still the one who lost out in the end.

He raised his leg up, knowing that a gentle kick would send Yan Qingsi falling off the bed.

A few seconds later, however, he retracted his feet and turned around. With his back facing her, he no longer paid her any attention.

Yue Tingfeng thought that his anger would affect his ability to sleep well.

Little did he know, he fell asleep rather quickly.

Awakened by the cold, Yan Qingsi sat up and saw that Yue Tingfeng was fully covered by a blanket. He slept on the other end, separated from her by more than a meter, like a small river that could not be jumped across.

Her face remained expressionless as she got down from the bed. She grabbed her clothes as well as her shoes and walked barefoot out of the door.


The moment she left the room, the main door swung open.

Then, an old woman came in.

The two of them made direct eye contact and were stumped.

The old lady reacted quickly. Her facial expressions were largely exaggerated and she pointed at Yan Qingsi, saying, “Who are you? Why are you in my son’s home?”

From the lady’s wealthy-looking clothes, Yan Qingsi deduced that she was a dame who lived like royalty. Yan Qingsi wore her clothes slowly and answered bluntly, “To sleep with your son, of course! What else would I be here for?”

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