Chapter 722 - She's My Girlfriend, I'm Her Boss

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Chapter 722: She’s My Girlfriend, I’m Her Boss

Yan Qingsi knew that she did not need to do or say anything at this moment. Yue Tingfeng was going to do everything on her behalf.

This man was always acting abnormally in front of her.

But to anyone else, it was as if he was a mountain in front of her — sheltering her from the rain and storm.

Yan Qingsi felt gradually calmer now that Yue Tingfeng was here.

No man had ever made her feel this way. None…

Yue Tingfeng stared at You Yi and laughed. “She’s my girlfriend, I’m her boss. Do you think the two are related?”

“Oh right, the plane is about to depart, why don’t you take a seat, Mr. You? Don’t trouble the cabin crew, it’s also for your own safety.”

Just as he was done with his sentence, the plane shook and started moving forward.

You Yi was shocked — but it wasn’t shown on his face.

He thought he had control of the plane — who knew that Yue Tingfeng was powerful enough to get it to depart anyway.

You Yi’s gaze finally landed on Yue Tingfeng’s face. “Who knew that you had some influence in Ocean City.”

Yue Tingfeng smiled. “Sure, but I’m no match for Mr. You on your turf. If I were that powerful, I wouldn’t have let my girlfriend be bullied here. At the end of the day… I’m still nothing compared to your influence here.”

Yan Qingsi heard his words and looked at Yue Tingfeng. Yo, when did this guy learn to be humble, this is unusual…

Yue Tingfeng never liked being stepped on, and even more so if someone told him no. This time, he let it happen.

It took Yan Qingsi a moment to realize that he was being sarcastic.

Sometimes, the more you depreciate yourself, the more you look down on yourself, the more powerful you’ll seem to others.

Moreover… he had probably known about her being kidnapped by You Xi the other night and wanted to leverage on the opportunity to have a quip about the You family.

Yan Qingsi thought to herself, even Yue Tingfeng had begun using duplicity as a trick.

Just one thing though, why didn’t she feel that Yue Tingfeng was capable of this before? Had he been hiding his true capabilities?

You Yi sat down next to them. His eyes were locked on Yan Qingsi — he did not seem bothered even when the plane departed. He could not wait to look at Yan Qingsi’s face — a face he had been dreaming of for years.

Yue Tingfeng turned around and blocked Yan Qingsi. He said to You Yi with half a smile, “Mr. You, I will treat you as an elder seeing you’re a few years older than me, but… if you continue staring at my girlfriend, I’ll be unhappy.”

“If I’m really unhappy, I would even throw you off this plane.”

Yue Tingfeng sounded as if he was joking. Although there was a smile on his face, but his eyes were stone cold — they were locked on You Yi’s face. He thought about multiple ways to end You Yi on this plane.

You Yi knew that Yue Tingfeng meant it. He replied, “I’m here on personal business today, I wish to speak to Miss Yan alone, I hope Mr. Yue won’t stand in the way of that.”

You Yi’s heart was no longer calm ever since he saw the photo of Yan Qingsi. It was as if his heart came back to life after being dead for years.

Yue Tingfeng lifted his brow and said, “No can do, how could my woman chat too long with any man other than me? Otherwise, am I invisible as a boyfriend?”

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