Chapter 723 - Since We Are in Disagreement, Let's Fight

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Chapter 723: Since We Are in Disagreement, Let’s Fight

Yue Tingfeng continued looking at You Yi with a smile — but his defenses were up. He intentionally let You Yi feel the hostility from him.

You Yi was anxious. He was eager to see Yan Qingsi’s face.

Although he had already seen her photo, he wanted to see her face in person.

Before You Yi could say a word, Yue Tingfeng asked, “Mr. You, you should be pretty busy recently, your nephew is in the hospital, and I heard that… the You family’s share prices went down today. Since you have the time to come out at this moment, it seems to me that Mr. You is pretty free usually.”

You Yi was silent as Yue Tingfeng’s words struck like thorns.

To put it nicely, he was free — but in truth, he meant that he had no actual influence in the You family. Otherwise, he would not have this much time on his hands.

“You don’t have to be at odds with me. I only want to do one thing today… you can’t stop me.”

Ever since You Yi saw Yan Qingsi’s photo at the hospital, he no longer had any interest in any other business. He did not even visit You Xi — he walked out and asked people to track down Yan Qingsi.

Yue Tingfeng shrugged. “Try me.”

You Yi went silent. He was waiting quietly but anxiously.

Yue Tingfeng’s lips curved. “I think, if Mr. You wants to see someone today, it’s better if you look at me. I won’t be happy if you look at my girlfriend — if you look at her again, I will have to… chase you out of business class.”

You Yi looked at Yue Tingfeng. Although he was speaking with a smile, his eyes were stone cold.

You Yi was familiar with that look. For someone who spent years doing business, everyone had their own levels of defenses. However, men whose gaze was like his were all… unpredictable.

Yue Tingfeng was not just a man who gets jealous.

This man was stronger than his nephew by a few orders of magnitude.

You Yi looked at Yue Tingfeng with a complicated gaze.

Yue Tingfeng spread his hands. “Is Mr. You satisfied from staring at me?”

You Yi responded, “Clearly I’m not.”

Yue Tingfeng pursed his lips. “You can keep being unsatisfied then, I don’t live off your family at all, you can’t do anything about it.”

You Yi frowned. This young man is too arrogant.

Yue Tingfeng knocked his fingers on the table and asked all of a sudden, “Mr. You, do you have time?”

You Yi responded, “For what?”

“Want to settle it with a fight?”

A look of shock finally appeared on You Yi’s calm face. He was not ready for Yue Tingfeng’s words at all — they were just thrown at him out of nowhere.

Fight? He… he… wants to fight? We’re on a plane!

Yan Qingsi finally looked up after hearing that. She grabbed Yue Tingfeng’s face — she thought he was kidding, but he seemed serious about it.

Yue Tingfeng pulled Yan Qingsi’s hand down. “What, you thought I was kidding?”

Yan Qingsi did not realize that You Yi had stood up and looked at her in shock and excitement. She asked Yue Tingfeng, “You… meant it?”

Yue Tingfeng had a sinister smile on his face. “Of course not, I wanted to beat him up before we even boarded the flight. Now that he’s delivered himself on a platter, what do I have to be polite for?”

Yan Qingsi replied, “Would you be arrested for causing trouble on a flight?”

“It’s alright, you can deliver me meals after that.”

“What if I don’t want you anymore? What if I find another sugar daddy?”

Yue Tingfeng laughed. “You could try…”

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