Chapter 726 - I Don't Know Her Name, I Don't Know Anything About Her

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Chapter 726: I Don’t Know Her Name, I Don’t Know Anything About Her

The hand she was holding the paper with was trembling, but her face seemed as calm as a puddle of water.

The sketch was highly detailed — every strand of hair was drawn out, and even the not-so-obvious mole under the left eye was drawn on the face.

It was evident that the person who drew this was super attentive — he remembered every single detail about this face, he remembered all of her.

He injected all of his energy and will into drawing this sketch.

Yue Tingfeng saw the person on the sketch as well. He squinted his eyes and glanced at You Yi.

The person on the sketch and Yan Qingsi looked 90 percent alike — they were not exactly twins. That gaze and the smile on her lips were completely different from Yan Qingsi’s.

Yue Tingfeng knew it was not Yan Qingsi with one look.

Instead of saying it was Yan Qingsi’s doppelganger, why not say… that… that’s… his mother-in-law!

Yue Tingfeng reached for Yan Qingsi’s shoulders and hugged her to give her support.

He had already realized who it was, there was no way Yan Qingsi couldn’t. Just one thing though — what does this Mr. You have anything to do with his mother-in-law?

It seemed like there were still plenty about his mother-in-law that has yet to be discovered. Complicated relationships from the older generation seemed more complex than he imagined.

It’s just — how would this affect Qingsi?

Regardless of it being a good or bad thing, Yue Tingfeng hoped that he could stand by Yan Qingsi and face it right away.

After staring at it for quite some time, Yan Qingsi put down the sketch, looked up, and said with a smile, “This… how could she look exactly like me, I want to ask Mr. You now, what’s going on?”

You Yi’s hopeful face turned into shock. He scrambled to say, “You should look closely, you must know who she is, you must…”

“There are plenty of people who look alike in this world. Maybe it’s just a case of that, there’s nothing odd about that.”

“Not the same, you’re not the same. Look at her, you’re both… so alike, you both…” You Yi was so nervous and anxious he nearly forgot how to speak.

Yan Qingsi laughed. “Fine, if that’s the case, tell me, what’s the name of the woman on this sketch? Where does she live, how old is she this year? If you can’t even tell me a name, how could I know who you’re referring to?”

She knew that it was her mother on that sketch.

She confirmed it at the first look. Her eyes were so gentle — she never had malicious intentions looking at this world. They were the most beautiful and gentle eyes in the world — there was no way Yan Qingsi could not recognize them.

However, before figuring out what was Mr. You’s relationship with her mother, she could never tell him anything.

Seeing how You Xi’s family was, she did not believe that the man before her was any better. Who knew if he was a good or bad one?

There was no way she would let anything interfere with her mother’s peace after her death.

You Yi could no longer stay calm after doing so for years. He stared at Yan Qingsi’s face with infatuation, and his eyes were thoroughly bleak. He said, “I don’t know… she never told me her name, I don’t know how to tell you the things between me and her… I… I…”

Yan Qingsi smiled briefly. “If that’s the case, there’s no point to this, you don’t even know her name, what are you even looking for? Let’s continue the game, I don’t have much time to be wasted on trivial things like this. If Mr. You wants to stay, then play the game. Otherwise, you’re still looking to investigate pointless things, please take off, don’t stay and annoy me.”

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