Chapter 73 - A Naked Little Vixen Was the First Thing She Saw When She Came In

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Chapter 73: A Naked Little Vixen Was the First Thing She Saw When She Came In

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Yan Qingsi’s actions were done at a moderate pace as she wore her clothes in front of Mrs. Yue, without any sense of shame.

She did not think it was disgraceful to wear her clothes in front of Yue Tingfeng, much less Mrs. Yue herself.

It was Mrs. Yue, in fact, who got anxious in that short moment. “Nonsense. My son never lets anyone here.”

Yue Tingfeng was a self-serving person who did not permit anyone else to enter his bedroom back at the Yue manor.

His other residences were the same, although he sometimes permitted his mother to come and visit. He would never let anyone, not even his friends, enter into his domain.

Not even the tiniest hint of someone else’s odor was permissible within his territory.

Yue Tingfeng did not return home the night before, and Mrs. Yue’s calls to him were left unanswered even until noon.

With no peace of mind, Mrs. Yue went over to check on him.

She did not expect a naked little vixen to be the first thing she saw when she came in.

Mrs. Yue was completely at loss for words…

Yan Qingsi put on her pants and remarked slowly, “You’re Yue Tingfeng’s momma, aren’t you, Old Lady? You’re the one who gave birth to him right? You can’t surely be thinking that I visited your son just to have a cup of water?”

Mrs. Yue got angry, with the wrinkles on her face nearly splitting apart. “I can tell that you’re just a shameless little slut. How could my son even take a liking to you?”

How brazen of that minx to say all those shameless words.

Mrs. Yue was so angry that she began panting incessantly. She had never met anyone as thick-skinned as the vixen in all the years that she lived.

Yan Qingsi pulled the zipper on her top, saying, “Tch, I’m terribly sorry, but your son does, in fact, take a liking to me. He loves me with all his heart. Tell me, why would I be here if that wasn’t the case?”

Mrs. Yue pointed her finger at Yan Qingsi. “You…you…. Just you wait! Where’s my son? What did you do to my son? I’ll let him take care of you.”

“Oh, you’re so fun to play with. This little slut has already entered the bedroom, so, of course, I’ve enjoyed myself with your son.”

Mrs. Yue flung her hand and hurried into the bedroom. She did not usually dare to enter her son’s bedroom, yet that minx was brave enough to do so.

Pushing the door open, Mrs. Yue indeed saw her son there.

He was sleeping on the bed, with the blanket covering him from the waist down. His lower body was concealed, but his torso was completely bare, making for a very suggestive scene.

One look was enough for Mrs. Yue to imagine the scenario that unfolded the night before—her son had engaged in sexual relations with that slut.

The one and only thought on Mrs. Yue’s mind was, ‘My son has been taken advantage of!’

Yan Qingsi opened the door intending to leave, but Mrs. Yue held her back. “Wait right there, you’re not allowed to leave. Now, tell me, who are you? How did you get involved with my son?”

Mrs. Yue’s blood began boiling the more she looked at Yan Qingsi’s slutty face. What was so good about that woman? How did that woman get involved with her son?

Yan Qingsi leaned lazily on the door and chided, “I slept with your son, Old Lady. That’s the truth and nothing but the truth. What are you going to do about it? Should I take responsibility for your son, or should your son take responsibility for me?”

“You… You…”

Yan Qingsi stretched out her hand and patted Mrs. Yue’s shoulders. “If you don’t want me to harm your son, be good and move over. Let me leave, and also, take good care of your son so he doesn’t come looking for me.”

“My son doesn’t like you.”

“On the contrary. I really did sleep with him.” Yan Qingsi felt her heart stir with evil. She rubbed her belly and remarked, “Who knows, if I’m not happy…I’ll give you a grandchild ten months from now.”

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