Chapter 74 - Devoured, Bones and All

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Chapter 74: Devoured, Bones and All

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Mrs. Yue opened her eyes and glared at Yan Qingsi’s stomach.

Yan Qingsi despised the way Mrs. Yue looked down on her, which was why she made up the baby story. She thought that doing so would provoke Mrs. Yue.

The opposite occurred, for the old lady saw through the ruse instantly.

Yan Qingsi said, “Just move over, Old Lady. I’ll continue to stay put if you don’t move.”

Mrs. Yue’s stared at her with a convoluted expression. “You, you…”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. Yue Tingfeng’s mother was vastly different from what Yan Qingsi had originally imagined her to be.

Yan Qingsi opened the door and walked out.

Mrs. Yue tiptoed and watched as Yan Qingsi walked away. As all traces of her disappeared, Mrs. Yue’s face tensed up. “What if she really does have his child?”

Coming out of Yue Tingfeng’s home, Yan Qingsi looked at the time and saw that it was already one in the afternoon. She was surprised that she slept for so long.

The sun was shining bright in the sky. Yan Qingsi had to squint for a while to relieve her eyes of the piercing soreness.

Her phone rang. It was Miss Mai.

Yan Qingsi picked up the call and said, “I’ll go home immediately…”

Not long after Yan Qingsi left, Yue Tingfeng woke up.

He opened his eyes to see an empty space beside him on the bed. He took his time to sit back up.

‘Did she really just run off?’

Before Yue Tingfeng’s anger began to rise, he heard some noise from outside. His lips curled up in a smile. ‘Tch, and I thought she’s left. Looks like she’s still here.”

Thus, he opened his bedroom door arrogantly and saw a lady busy with some stuff in the living room.

Yue Tingfeng’s face soured. “Ma, why are you here?”

He scanned the surroundings immediately but saw no sign of Yan Qingsi’s slutty figure.

Mrs. Yue huffed. “Hmph! If I didn’t come, you’d be devoured by that minx, bone and all.”

A frown from Yue Tingfeng. ‘So, those two bumped into each other.’

From the looks of it, Yan Qingsi was definitely the one who was unaffected by that encounter.

Yue Tingfeng asked, “And where’s that minx?”

Mrs. Yue lifted her chin. “Well, of course I told her to scram.”

He snickered. By now he knew Yan Qingsi’s abilities all too well.

Yan Qingsi would make short work of his own mother’s fighting spirit.

Mrs. Yue leaned over to her son. “My dear boy, it’s not that I don’t let you play with women. If you don’t like Ruke, then I won’t force the two of you, but the least you can do is find someone from a more decent household, okay?”

Yue Tingfeng walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Taking out a can of beer, he said, “Women from decent households don’t excite me. I like…the bad ones.”

“You… You…”

Mrs. Yue’s anger caused her breathing to turn heavy. She recalled Yan Qingsi’s words and told him, “You can play, but in a worst-case scenario…in a worst-case scenario, what if you make a baby? I want grandchildren, but…anyone can make a baby. I’m picky when it comes to who makes that baby.”

A sip of beer and Yue Tingfeng asked, “What baby?”

Mrs. Yue said, “That slut told me that if she’s unhappy, she’ll give me a grandchild to play with ten months later.”


Instead of drinking it in, Yue Tingfeng spat out his entire mouthful of beer.

Seeing his reaction, Mrs. Yue bought Yan Qingsi’s story. “Son, you have to remember that safety comes first. Of course, if…there’s really a baby, we can’t ever let a child of the Yue family be left on the streets.”

Mrs. Yue’s emotions began spiraling into confusion. She hated that minxy woman, but she could not hate her grandchild!

How, then?

Yue Tingfeng’s slender fingers wiped away the beer froth from his lower lip. A sinister grin formed on his face and his thoughts were indecipherable. “Hehe…good. If a grandchild pops out, I’ll definitely bring it back for you!”


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