Chapter 75 - I Will Skin Her Foxy Hide

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Chapter 75: I Will Skin Her Foxy Hide

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That night, Yan Qingsi was not the only one who had an eventful evening—the Yan family had a hectic time as well.

At the Yan family home, the lights were switched on throughout the night, up until the sun rose from the horizon.

Yan Mingzhu bawled her eyes out from midnight till sunrise, giving the rest of the family a sleepless night.

She cried and cried in utter distress. Her belongings inside her room were all smashed on the ground, and her cellphone screen was already cracked. She sat on the floor and mumbled chokingly, “He really said that he wanted to break up with me. To break up…just because of a slut. I heard that bitch’s voice. She wanted to take a bath with my Jinchuan. Shameless! Shameless! She’s exactly like Yan Qingsi. They’re all whores…”

All of sudden, Yan Mingzhu stood up. “Horny little slut! I must skin her foxy hide…I wanna tear her face apart…”

Luo Jinchuan was Yan Mingzhu’s one and only thought. She crumbled to pieces because of everything that had happened that night.

Ye Lingzhi had to restrain her. “It’s already so late. Do you know where they are? If you want to go there and find them, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow.”

Yan Mingzhu threw herself into her mother’s embrace and howled, “Mom, how could he do this to me? Tell me, how could he do this thing to me? Is it because I’m not pretty enough? Or my family’s not good enough? Or is it because I don’t love him enough? What did I do wrong?”

Looking on coldly was Yan Ruke, who felt rather pleased with herself.

Ever since finding out that Yue Tingfeng kept other women, her heart felt a pain that resembled a pot of boiling oil. She looked for Jiang Lai countless times, even going so far as to enquire Yue Tingfeng’s secretary, Miss Sun. Yan Ruke just wanted to know whether there were any women who interacted with him recently, but none of them ever told her anything.

Not wanting the rest of the family to know that Yue Tingfeng had discarded her, Yan Ruke felt her days dragging on slowly. Watching Yan Mingzhu’s breakdown made her ice-cold heart feel joy, leaving her in a much better mood after seeing Yan Mingzhu’s condition.

If she could not enjoy her days, then it was best that Yan Mingzhu suffered as well.

Ye Lingzhi adored her daughter dearly. She cursed Luo Jinchuan, “Men are all useless.”

Once she finished her words, she gave Yan Songnan an intent stare.

His expression remained unfeeling. “Don’t make so much noise in the middle of the night. Mingzhu, you have to change your bad-tempered ways.”

He may be her father, but Yan Songnan felt that it was all too normal for Luo Jinchuan to look for other women. Knowing his own daughter, most men could not take her diva-like temperament. Men prefer the softness of a woman, and being a man himself, he understood that clearly.

Frankly speaking, it would have been truly abnormal if a rich kid like Luo Jinchuan did not seek out other girls.

“Dad, are you still my father? You’re criticizing me when Luo Jinchuan is the one who has other women? What did I do wrong? What mistakes have I made?”

Yan Mingzhu shrieked like a madwoman, for in her mind, she was always right.

Ye Lingzhi consoled hastily, “It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault. It’s all that useless man’s fault. Your relationship with him has been going steady for a few years now. That other woman must have seduced him.”

“Yes, it has to be…it must be that slut who seduced him. I’ll rip her…”

Yan Ruke’s face was filled with mockery.

‘Steady relationship? Hmph. If it was steady, you’d have gotten married already. Three years wouldn’t have gone by without any word of marriage or even an engagement.’

The noise made Yan Songnan’s head throb. “Please don’t make so much noise. I’ll ask Jinchuan tomorrow. He’s a man, you have to give him some dignity…”

What he originally wanted to add on was, ‘Be gentler, don’t just scream and shout like nobody’s business’, but when Yan Mingzhu wailed once more, he closed his mouth and kept quiet.

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