Chapter 756 - (no title)

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Chapter 756: (no title)

Yan Qingsi bobbed her head. “That’s right. Because of him. Do you know how he got hospitalized?”


Yan Qingsi smiled. “I pushed him.”

The surprised on You Yi’s face gave way to shock. “You—”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “That’s right. It was me. He kidnapped me. He wanted to violate me. So I gave him a taste of his own bitter medicine… I wanted to kill him at first, but I thought the consequences would be too troublesome to deal with.”

A vein on You Yi’s forehead throbbed. He ground his teeth, unable to smother the fire in his eyes. “Don’t you worry about this anymore,” he said coolly. “You don’t have to bother about him from today.”

“Thank you.”

Yan Qingsi had purposely informed You Yi of this incident.

She needed to test him since he wanted to avenge her mother—see if he truly had the determination to follow through.

If he truly cared about her mother, if he truly cared that she was almost raped by You Xi, he would not simply stand by and watch.

She could tell how determined he was in avenging her mother by observing his attitude towards You Xi.

You Yi’s anger towards the incident exceeded Yan Qingsi’s expectations. He wanted to immediately go off then, stating that he wanted to leave for Hai city. He too reminded Yan Qingsi to put her safety first. He even gave a membership card for the club to Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi and You Yi left the place together, but they ran into an overweight male before they could even exit out of the door.

The fatty knew You Yi, and greeted him cheerily after seeing You Yi. “Uncle You, I didn’t recognize you at first. When did you come to Luo city? Why didn’t you tell me? I could have treated you well.”

Yan Qingsi noted that You Yi was barely hiding a grimace. He glared at the fatty as if he wanted to stab the man with a thousand daggers. “It’s not necessary,” he answered coldly.

The man did not notice You Yi’s clear resentment. “No way. You came all the way to Luo city. It’d be so embarrassing if the Ye family didn’t welcome you. Come on! I’ll take you on a tour around Luo city’s finest places.”

Yan Qingsi suddenly understood everything—this was a member of the Ye family!

No wonder…

Yan Qingsi’s hand now itched badly.

You Yi now hated the entire Ye family with an unsurmountable vengeance. He pushed the man’s arms aside. “I said that it’s not necessary!”

Now the fatty finally saw You Yi’s impatience and rage. He was stunned, his eyes sidling towards Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi only wore a pair of sunglasses, so the fatty instantly recognized her. He clapped his hands in apology and seemed to shrink. “Oh, isn’t this… this… the famous celebrity, Yan Qingsi? Not bad, Uncle You. I didn’t know that she was your type. If I knew, I would have gotten this little lady to pay her respects to you earlier. No wonder you’re in a rush. Desires are… Hehe…”

The next second, Yan Qingsi did not see what You Yi did; she only heard a yelp from the fatty, and he was already on the floor. You Yi stepped on his neck; if he exerted a little bit of strength, he would break it.

Yan Qingsi stared at You Yi, stupefied. He saw the murderous intent plastered all over his face.

He really wanted to kill this fatty.

The whimpers from the fatty gradually softened.

This was a public space. It was suicidal to kill someone here. “He’s not going to last much longer,” Yan Qingsi said quickly.

You Yi did not move. He did not lift the pressure on the neck in the slightest. “Apologize,” he said.

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