Chapter 759 - Since We Are Fooling Around, Let Us Play Him to Death

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Chapter 759: Since We Are Fooling Around, Let Us Play Him to Death

“I’ve never liked Ye Weiguang. That pig. He always abuses the Ye name and goes about flexing his nonexistent muscles. He just goes about treating people like sh*t from day to night, like the stupid pig he is. I’ve never bothered with him because he never offended me, but today he dared to offend you. I can’t spare him any quarter. Should we wait for him to retaliate otherwise?”

Yue Tingfeng understood Ye Weiguang’s methods very well. The man was incredibly stupid, but he held a mean grudge. He would not retaliate against the You family even though it was You Yi who put Ye Weiguang in his place. In that case, he could only vent his anger against Yan Qingsi. He definitely wanted to harm Yan Qingsi in some way recently.

Since he already knew it was coming, then he would not allow the pig an opportunity to raise a hand.

He was capable of protecting his woman.

“I’ll arrange everything,” Yue Tingfeng said. “Just sit back and enjoy the show.”

“What if I want a hand in it?” Yan Qingsi asked.

He pinched Yan Qingsi’s cheeks. “You should take a break. I’ll see what you can do later. You’ll get a chance. Let’s go back first. We’ll act tonight.”

A humorless smile twisted Yan Qingsi’s face. Pure murderous intent filled his gaze as soon as he turned around and faced the club.

Yan Qingsi studied him. She rarely got to see him so worked up.

Yue Tingfeng called Jiang Lai. “Find someone to tag Ye Weiguang. I want every move, every breath of his reported to me.”

Jiang Lai could not comprehend why. “Ye Weiguang? Why do you want him followed?”

“Since when do you ask so many questions? But I’ll let you see everything for yourself. Don’t go home tonight. Always be ready for my orders. I have errands I need you to run.”

“Oh, come on, Boss… I have a date tonight…”

“A date? Do you prefer no date tonight or for every future night?

“Fine, Boss. I’ll always be ready for your orders.”

When it was dark, Yue Tingfeng brought Yan Qingsi straight to a hotel—a love hotel!

Yan Qingsi scanned the various tools in the room. She could not help but feel… repulsed.

She was thinking if she should sit down or not when she heard Yue Tingfeng talking over the phone: “Find two women and also two strong men for him.”

Yan Qingsi turned her head with a startle. He wanted to…

A sardonic smile tinted Yue Tingfeng’s lips. “Give him only the good stuff,” he said. “This will be the most unforgettable night of his entire life.”

He pocketed his money, then he noticed Yan Qingsi staring at him in shock. The frightening smile on his face disappeared. “When you retaliate against someone, you must make sure that you start with the things they love the most,” he said. “Since he likes to fool around with women so much, then… let him fool around to death.”

Yue Tingfeng turned his laptop on. A surveillance camera recording appeared on the screen. It seemed… that it was another room in the hotel.

“This is…” Yan Qingsi muttered.

“The room next to ours?”

“Why are we watching this room?”

“Because Ye Weiguang will be here soon.”

Yan Qingsi looked at Yue Tingfeng with morbid surprise. “You can even arrange for where he’ll be staying?”

Yue Tingfeng wriggled his brows. “Don’t you think I’m extremely attractive now?”

Yan Qingsi pushed his face away. Yue Tingfeng had already arranged for everything without her realizing it. She did not have to lift a finger; she just needed to watch Ye Weiguang suffer.

Yan Qingsi watched someone appear in the camera. He looked like a hotel staff. He took a box of something out of his pocket and hurriedly placed it on the coffee table. Then he swiped the original object placed on the table away before leaving speedily.

“What did he swap?”

“There’s always some supply of euphoria-inducing drugs in these sorts of hotels.”


Yue Tingfeng hugged Yan Qingsi from behind. “He swapped it for… drugs fit for livestock to eat!”

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