Chapter 760 - Hurry Up and Let Me Kiss You

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Chapter 760: Hurry Up and Let Me Kiss You

“Pfft…” Yan Qingsi could not hold her laughter in and laugh aloud.

“You’re too dangerous. Livestock feed would make people sick, right?”

The love hotel’s euphoria-inducing drug was within the safe boundaries of what people could take, but this livestock drug…was different from the ones human take. The dosage and its effects were much more… potent.

This drug, if not eaten right, would ruin one!

Yue Tingfeng watched the scene on the computer and smiled. “Bad or not, this is the last time that he’s going to be active on bed. Why not let him have some fun? He’ll be able to face his regrets in the future.”

Yan Qingsi looked Yue Tingfeng up and down, laughing, “You’re really…”

This was truly the first time that she saw Yue Tingfeng’s tactics were this dark.

Yue Tingfeng spread his hands, feeling wronged and said, “I learned it from you. This is from when you dealt with that… that woman, whatever she’s called. Anyway, it’s the essence of that incident.”

Yan Qingsi pinched Yue Tingfeng’s jaw. “I didn’t teach you to change the euphoria-inducing drug into livestock feed.”

“This is because you taught me well. I’ve learned by analogy.”

Yan Qingsi curled the corners of her lips. “Why don’t you say that you’re a bad person?”

Yue Tingfeng stole a kiss-off her face. “Of course I have to be bad. If I’m not bad, how can I be with you? You kill people and I bury the bodies, we have to be one.”

Yue Tingfeng was not a holy father. To the people who had offended her, he had never let them go easily, regardless of when he was young and bold or in the present.

He could not change Yan Qingsi’s personality and he did not want to. This world itself was dark, there was no reason to tolerate everything in the world.

What’s more, Yue Tingfeng felt that Yan Qingsi was fine like this. He liked her a lot. This kind of girl was much better than those Mary Sues, just his cup of tea.

Yue Tingfeng’s phone rang suddenly. Yan Qingsi glanced at it. It was Jiang Lai.

On the phone, Jiang Lai said, “Boss, everything is ready. They’ll go in right away.”

Yue Tingfeng asked, “Are the people in place?”

“Yes, you can just wait for the show, sir.”

Putting the phone down, Yue Tingfeng spoke to Yan Qingsi. “Ok, wait for the show. This isn’t all that I’ve arranged.”

Sure enough, not long afterward, three people came into the next room, a man and two women. That man was Ye Weiguang. The two women were scantily clad, had heavy makeup and great figures.

Ye Weiguang walked in, grabbed one of them and kissed her like he was starved as if he had not seen a woman for hundreds of years.

“Lil’ babe, hurry up and let me kiss you…”

Her smile was enchanting. She took off her clothes cooperatively and said, “Master Ye, don’t hurry. Tonight, I’ll treat you well, I guarantee… to make you happy…”

The other woman squeezed in between the two. “Master Ye, don’t you forget me. You said that you wanted to have a threesome, you can’t only flirt with this b*tch and forget me.”

Ye Weiguang pinched her butt. “You two lil’ babes, I can’t let either of you off. I’ll let you see how good I am tonight.”

The woman fell on Ye Weiguang, her hand going to his chest immediately. “Then we shouldn’t waste any more time. Life is short! Hurry up, I can’t wait anymore.”

Ye Weiguang guffawed and picked the woman up. “Good… today, I’ll teach you, lil’ whore, a lesson…”

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