Chapter 761 - Good Master, Don’t Be Anxious

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Chapter 761: Good Master, Don’t Be Anxious

The other woman walked over to the wine cabinet and poured a glass of wine after the two fell on the bed. She glanced at them and quickly took out a pill from a packet, dropping it into the wine glass.

When the pill entered the glass, it bubbled and soon dissolved in the red wine.

She picked up the glass and shook it, then sashayed to the bedside, speaking in a coquettish manner. “Good master, don’t be anxious. Have some wine first, liven things up…”

Ye Weiguang guffawed, reaching a hand out to pat her face. “You know how to delight me.”

The woman on the bed extended her hand and stopped Ye Weiguang. “Eh, don’t hurry. Let’s be a little bit of fun.”

The clothes on her had all been discarded. She laid on the bed and took the glass of wine. Her wrist tilted and the wine dripped onto her chest, flowing down her body.

She spoke coquettishly, “Master Ye, aren’t you going to hurry up? It’s all gone…”

Ye Weiguang’s eyes stared straight at her. He laughed loudly. “You two know how to play. Haha, be good to me tonight and you won’t have any lesser benefits.”

Ye Weiguang’s stout body pounced on her. He drank the wine on her body greedily.

In front of the screen, Yue Tingfeng glanced at Yan Qingsi. She did not have any reaction, did not feel a shred of embarrassment.

Yue Tingfeng covered Yan Qingsi’s eyes. “Don’t look at this. That pig isn’t anything good to look at. Look at me instead.”

Yan Qingsi glanced at him. “Looking at a pig hurts your eyes? Then you don’t usually eat pork?”

“This isn’t…”

Yan Qingsi patted his face. “I’ll keep watching. Didn’t you arrange this show for me? I certainly can’t miss it. Tell me, what pill was it in the wine?”

Yue Tingfeng glanced at the tangled man and said, “You’ll know in a bit.”

Sure enough, not long afterward, Ye Weiguang stopped because he found that… he could not perform?

The two little hussies before him were clearly his type and both were so good. Why could not he become hard? Has he had too much sex lately?

Ye Weiguang sweated anxiously. Why could not he?

The woman who gave Ye Weiguang the pill pressed her chest on Ye Weiguang’s arm and grinded against him. “Master Ye, what’s wrong?”

Ye Weiguang was anxious and angry. He pushed the woman away. “You two go take a bath first. You stink of sweat…”

The two naked women pouted. “Hmph, really, why didn’t you say that when you were kissing and touching us…”

The two still sashayed into the bathroom one after the other anyhow.

After they went in, Ye Weiguang hurriedly tried a few times but he still could not. He saw the stimulants on the table accidentally and his eyes brightened. He rushed over and ripped the packet open, shoving two pieces of it into his mouth. He was worried that it would not do and took two more, chucking them into his mouth, but they were stuck in his throat. He rushed to the wine cabinet and pulled the cork off the bottle; half raised it and gulped down two mouthfuls of wine.

The stimulants finally went down his throat with the wine. Soon he felt his body react and his face turned red in an instant.

“This hotel is good, the stimulants are so effective…”

Ye Weiguang said this happily, turning and rushing into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, two women’s voices could be heard and then a wave of chaos, the three’s voices mixed together.

Yue Tingfeng exhaled in relief. Good, they did not have to see such a disgusting image themselves. Otherwise, they would have felt uncomfortable in their skins.

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