Chapter 763 - Master Yue Isn’t Soft-handed In Killing Someone!

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Chapter 763: Master Yue Isn’t Soft-handed In Killing Someone!

Yan Qingsi smiled and did not say anything. She wanted to say that she had seen something dirtier but she gave up on that thought. These words, she still could not tell Yue Tingfeng.

In the bathroom, a horrible shriek like a pig being killed rang out all of a sudden. That sound was Ye Weiguang’s. Yan Qingsi felt her hairs stand on end. She rubbed her arm.

Yan Qingsi asked, “When can they come out?”

Yue Tingfeng laughed, “No hurry. We’ll have to see how much energy they have.”

Since he had played his hand this time, he must send Ye Weiguang to his death. Otherwise, wait for him to revenge?

“Ye Weiguang is still the Ye family’s eldest son. Getting him like this, will the Ye family find out?”

Yue Tingfeng brushed Yan Qingsi’s long hair gently. “So what if they find out? If they can, come at me!”

Yan Qingsi swallowed. This person, in front of her, has actually…

been playing dumb. He was truly insidious and arrogant, but… so cool! He was really cool!

After about half an hour, a woman stumbled out of the bathroom.

That woman was naked, her hair damp and face badly beaten. She looked especially terrible and distressed.

She fell on the floor after she ran out and crawled to find her bag, taking her phone out. Trembling, she made a phone call and then, they heard her crying out, “Hello… police… help… help… hurry up and come here, another girl and I are going to die… please, come here quickly…”

Yan Qingsi looked at Yue Tingfeng, shocked. “What… is this?”

Yue Tingfeng spread his hands. “This is all because Ye Weiguang is too strong, they can’t bear it anymore, so they called the police for help!”

Yan Qingsi touched her nose. “You… where did you learn this from?”

Yue Tingfeng spread his hands. “I learned it all from you. Miss Yan, you’ve taught me well.”

“Say, the slipped woman and brothel frequenter in the middle of their transaction. She couldn’t stand the client’s torture, thus she called the police and saved her own life. Say, what a great piece of social news. The key is that this client is the Ye family’s eldest son.”

Yan Qingsi’s eyeballs almost fell out. My god, the slipped woman calling the police herself, not someone else reporting it. This… even if somebody suspected something, the suspicion would not fall on Yue Tingfeng. He… he…this brain… really… a trap within a trap.

Yue Tingfeng swapped a normal stimulant into drugs for livestock; all to ensure that the two women would look like they had been tortured, then let them make the call directly. Even if the police came, they would absolutely not suspect them.

The process was orchestrated by Yue Tingfeng. The setup seemed to be a simple line–find the people, swap the drugs, call the police…

and voila.

Just as Yan Qingsi was shocked by the things that Yue Tingfeng had done, the girl that had cried while calling the police crawled to the camera made a face at it and then, the image vanished in an instant.

Yan Qingsi turned her head to Yue Tingfeng and asked, “Did she unplug the camera?”

“Of course. While the police haven’t arrived and the people inside are still going at it, she took care of the pinhole camera. Or else if somebody found it, wouldn’t it… be known immediately that someone was scheming against Ye Weiguang.”

Yue Tingfeng pulled Yan Qingsi up. “Come on, the show’s over, we should leave too.”

Yue Tingfeng turned the laptop off and took the half-full bottle of water, making sure that they did not leave anything behind, pulled Yan Qingsi and swiftly left.

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