Chapter 764 - Your Boyfriend Is Trustworthy, Right?

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Chapter 764: Your Boyfriend Is Trustworthy, Right?

Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi did not go through the front door. They did not even take the elevator. They descended the stairs down from the seventh floor and left through the back door. Jiang Lai waited in the car at the back and when they passed by the hotel entrance as they left, they saw that the police cars had arrived.

Yue Tingfeng did not stop the car. On the way, he said to Yan Qingsi, “When you do bad things yourself, it feels addictive. But when you try to plan the entire process and look at everyone in your palm, it feels even better.”

The car moved further and the hotel disappeared from sight. Yan Qingsi turned her head and said, “I know, that is the taste of power.”

Outside the window, a rainbow dashed by. Yue Tingfeng saw the side of Yan Qingsi’s beautiful face flicker. He laughed and said, “See, your boyfriend is still amazing, trustworthy right? Calling me for these kinds of things in the future would be great, right?”

Yan Qingsi nodded seriously. “Yeah, you don’t play your cards kinder than me. It’s just that I’m jealous.”

Besides that, Yan Qingsi had learned a lot from this incident.

Yue Tingfeng said, “If there’s an opportunity next time, let’s do it together.”


Jiang Lai’s mood while driving the car was complicated. It was after work but he had been called back to do overtime.

It was fine that he had to do overtime, but these two people were being lovey-dovey before him.

It was fine that they were being lovey-dovey, but they should give him something too! It was too detestable!

Yue Tingfeng patted Yan Qingsi’s head. “Go back home and sleep in peace. This fatty… is done for!”

Jiang Lai sighed.

He was done for.

This was just the start of a new beginning. Getting caught, those were small issues. The key was… ensuring the end of their bloodline!

Boss, aren’t you a bit too vicious?

At this moment, on the other side, the police rushed into the hotel, saving the two slipped women trapped inside and saw the messy and disgusting scene.

Nothing was said. The people involved in the case were all taken away immediately.

What? One of them had to be sent to the hospital?

The police took a look at the two women who kept weeping and the fatty that was already foaming at the mouth. Never mind, send him to the hospital first.

When they were carried out of the hotel, the guests surrounded them and took so many photos.

The two women’s injuries were not too serious but they still had to be hospitalized for a few days. However, their condition did not affect the recording of statements.

Thus the police questioned them first, as well as getting the fatty’s identity clear.

The two girls explained that yes, they are indeed from a special line of work. Because Master Ye was generous, so both of them came.

One of the police asked, “He asked for both of you at the same time, didn’t you two find it weird at the time?”

The two girls glanced at each other.

“The people in our line of work, who doesn’t know that that Master Ye has a big appetite? Mr. Police, you saw it too, he didn’t just call for us, he also… he called two gigolos too. I experienced it myself today, what taking both men and women means, it’s too scary.”

“Yeah, if you don’t believe us you can look for other people and ask them. Master Ye is famous for having a big appetite.”

The police asked, “Yet you still came even though you know?”

“This… people in our industry, it’s the clients who pick us. Since when do we pick the clients? What’s more… it’s all for the money. Since he gave so much, of course, we are willing to work a little harder.”

“Besides that, Ye Weiguang had never caused any trouble in the past. Say, who would’ve thought that he actually… like he was high this time. Completely insane. If you had come a bit later, we would have died.”

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