Chapter 765 - This Move was Played Beautifully!

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Chapter 765: This Move was Played Beautifully!

When they were almost finished with the questioning, the police chided them again. They would still be detained after they recovered from their injuries.

The two police got out after they were officially done with the questioning. They saw their colleague emerging from the ward next door. “Has everything died down yet?” they asked.

“No way. I heard the doctor say that this incident would not die out so quickly. The young master of the Ye family practically let himself be played to death.”

“This stinking rich kid only knows how to fool around with women from day to night. And when he has used up all his energy, he relies on aphrodisiac medicine to keep going. Let’s see…”

“The police say that it’s pretty serious. If this isn’t treated right he might die. We need to inform his family.”

“Inform them then.”

Hence, Ye Shaoguang’s uncle and auntie were informed during midnight—even he was dragged into the hospital.

“Doctor, how’s my son?” Ye Shaoguang’s auntie cried when she saw the doctor. “How is he?”

The doctor was a young woman. Her expression was cold. “Of course he’s not all right,” she answered unkindly. “He ate a dosage of psychedelics that could kill ten cows. He really wanted to eat himself to death…”

Mrs. Ye wailed as soon as she heard the news. “Then think of something! Please save my son!”

“There’s nothing much that can be done about it,” the lady doctor replied flatly. “Suck it up.”

“You’re a doctor!” Mrs. Yue screamed. “I don’t care if nothing much can be done about it. You have to save my son…”

“This is a hospital,” the lady doctor said, tone cold. “If you continue to cause a disturbance, I will call the police to throw you out.”

“You dare to do that? I’m the Mrs. of the Ye family. If you so much as lay a finger of me it’s not just this hospital that you won’t be able to stay in—I’ll make sure you’ll never be welcomed in the entirety of Luo city!”

“Really? Try me then,” the lady doctor said, her voice dripping with disdain. “Let me see how great your Ye family is.”

Ye Shaoguang’s uncle saw the police coming over, so he grabbed his wife. “When will the effects of the medicine subside?” he asked. “Will his body and mind function as normal in the future?”

The lady doctor chuckled. “Such good parents, concerned if he will function normally from now on. But you should be more concerned if he will even have a life to live.”

“What?” Mrs. Yue gasped.

“Do you know how much sh*t your son ate? It’s a dosage that can feed dozens of people. I don’t know what to say… Even if he wanted to commit suicide, there are better ways than this.” The lady doctor did not mince her words, her tongue barbed with poison.

“Doctor, doctor… You must save him. It doesn’t matter how much it costs—the Ye family will pay for it.”

The lady doctor’s tongue was venomous, and she had guts. “I can’t do anything even if you presented an entire cart of gold,” she said scornfully. “However, I think that you should tell your son that death might be a better option.”

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Ye Shaoguang’s uncle got angry. “What do you mean?”

The lady doctor threw a list at him. “For him, living entails the loss of control of his reproductive organs. Can he bear with it, for a man who loves women as much as he does? Tell me.

“Oh, I forgot that your son is bisexual. There are still plenty of men around even if he doesn’t have women.”

Mrs. Yue’s eyes rolled back in their sockets. She fainted and collapsed onto the ground.

Ye Shaoguang stood by the side, listening to all this silently. His face was expressionless, yet his heart leaped with amusement.

He had thought that Yue Tingfeng would wait for Ye Weiguang to make a move against Yan Qingsi before retaliating. He did not expect that man to act so quickly. Once he hit, he hit hard.

God. This move was played beautifully!

Yue Tingfeng’s move this time was so much more vicious compared to a few years back!


Little Ye: Male Lead Yue, let us talk for a bit. I won’t mess with you if you won’t mess with me. Don’t be so calculative!

Rich Man Yan: Let us see how you do…

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