Chapter 767 - A Pair Made in Hell

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Chapter 767: A Pair Made in Hell

The manager of the hotel was not pleased. There was a written notice in the guest room that reminded guests to use the aphrodisiacs in appropriate doses; once per night was enough. It was not their fault that his son did not heed the warning, and he even accused them wrongfully.

However, the Ye family was the top dog of Luo City. If this became an issue, the hotel could not afford to be taken advantage of.

For that reason, the manager of the hotel went all out.

If he wanted to make a fuss, then everyone should be gathered to make a fuss together. Since he had no shame arguing with them, then they would not be ashamed to let everyone know what his son did.

In a short time span, the topic was trending on the internet.

The young master of Luo City’s Ye family was detained because of some prostitutes, and he used a huge amount of stimulants. As a result, he was in mortal danger. That was right, mortal danger!

Someone even posted pictures of Ye Weiguang being carried out of the hotel on a stretcher at the time. The hotel staff garnered the direct attention of the media, and in their interview, they revealed that Ye Weiguang’s biggest achievement that day was catching not just two women, but two men as well!

Who knew that there was this side to him? He was such an indescribable b*stard!

The hotel staff even added that the police were alerted to this incident due to the two women Ye Weiguang brought reporting to the police themselves in fear for their lives.

The sheer convolution of the process was so dramatic that a few people were rendered speechless.

The rumors spread like wildfire after that, and everyone who caught up with everything that had happened simply felt like laughing.

The incident blew up so much that it was impossible to keep it down now.

Even the police department of Luo City made a statement that they would handle this incident with the utmost severity, and they would follow the judicial process once Ye Weiguang was discharged from the hospital.

However, the point was that he needed to be discharged!

Mrs. Yue listened to the news channel on the television. “My goodness. How could such a rotten child come out of the Ye family? How will everyone see them once any one of their members steps out of the house? I’d strangle myself to death if it was me.”

Yue Tingfeng carried a tray of freshly cut watermelons over. “Mom, why are you watching this sort of news? It just sullies the eyes.”

“I happened to watch this when I turned the television on. Look at it yourself! The Ye family is so prominent, and yet they produced heirs such a this…” Mrs. Yue did not even know where to begin in describing Ye Weiguang. B*stard, loser—she felt that these adjectives seemed too light to describe him.

“Don’t bother about them anymore. Come, have some watermelon.”

Mrs. Yue turned the television off. “Where’s Qingsi?”

“Catching up with sleep upstairs.”

A warm smile crossed Mrs. Yue’s face. “Where did the two of you go last night?” she asked. “You came back so late.”

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Yue Tingfeng cleared his throat. “Hehe… It was a normal date. I have to keep the romance alive, or else she’ll think that I’m such a useless boyfriend.”

“That’s right. You’ve finally begun to understand, my son.”

Yue Tingfeng gave a silent smile. He could not tell her that the romance he gave her future daughter-in-law was to bring her to do bad things.

However, this sort of romance was the most suitable for him and Yan Qingsi.

They were a pair made in hell, after all.

Yue Tingfeng’s phone rang out. He took the phone and walked to the side to pick up the call.

“Boss, that b*stard is awake! He should not have regained consciousness so soon, but I don’t know what black magic the hospital used to bring his temperature down. But…” Jiang Lai’s voice rang out happily. “He’s really dumb now, Boss. His brain was completely fried. It’s useless now!”

The corners of Yue Tingfeng’s lips lifted.

Excellent! His brain was so fried that it was useless.

With that, he would have no recollection of anything, and Yue Tingfeng would save energy on completely getting rid of him.


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